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IMAP Configuration - 2-way sync between Vtiger and IMAP providers

Bindu Rekha Babu
10 Jul, 2023 - Updated 2 months ago
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The 2-way sync, as the name, states sync emails between Vtiger and IMAP providers. You can exchange emails with your customers, using Vtiger or other email clients without losing continuity.

Feature Availability 
This feature is available in One Growth, One Professional, and One Enterprise editions of Vtiger CRM

Main Benefit of 2-way sync

Access your email threads in both email clients and Vtiger without losing any conversation.
Auto-attachment of the emails to the related contacts/leads records.


Getting Started

Note! If you have already configured My Mailbox in Inbox, please delete your mailbox to set up a 2-way sync.

Follow the below steps to set up My Mailbox with a 2-way sync.

  1. Click on  icon.
  2. Click on Settings in the Inbox page.
  3. Click on the 2-way sync radio-button.
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  4. Choose Other.
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  5. Set up My Mailbox.


  1. Select your provider.
  2. Enter username and password.
  3. Authenticate your account and fetch folder.


  1. Select folders to sync to My Mailbox.
  2. Select folders to sync to Drafts, Sent and Trash folders.
  3. Select the period from when you want to sync emails:

    • Now: Sync starts for the emails from the current time.
    • 1 month ago: Sync starts for the emails from 1 month ago.
    • 3 months ago: Sync starts for the emails from 3 months ago.
    • 6 months ago: Sync starts for the emails from 6 months ago.
  4. Enable ‘Archive’ to link the old emails to the related records(Contact/Organization).

  5. Enable ‘Create Contact’ to create a contact if no related record exists.
  6. Enable checkbox to mark incoming emails as private by default.
  7. Finally, click on the Create button.
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1. You can not edit the period selected once you create the mailbox.
2. Archive and create option works for the past emails only during the 1st time sync.
3. For new emails, you need to add mailroom actions to archive and create.

Configure dual-factor authenticated Office 365 account with Vtiger inbox 2-way sync

Facing issues on authenticating Office 365 sync though the credentials are correct? Here is the troubleshooting tip.

If your Office 365 account has two-factor authentication enabled, then you need to enter the app password to connect it with Vtiger inbox.

Click on the icon to take a quick tour on how to create a password in Office 365 Office 365 password

Follow below steps to authenticate Office 365 while setting up Vtiger Inbox:

  1. Open your Office 365 account.
  2. Go to ‘My Account’ and click on ‘Security and Privacy’ tab.
  3. Click on ‘Additional security verification’ option.
  4. Click ‘Create and manage app passwords’ and click on Create button.
  5. Enter a name to identify the purpose of creating a password and click Next.
  6. Copy the generated password and paste it in the password field of ‘My Mailbox Setup’.

1. Ensure that the Email Apps setting is enabled to allow All Apps in the admin account of office 365.
2. The newly created password takes around 10-15 min to get activated.

Your mailbox is now successfully configured. You can see your mailbox along with the folders enabled for synchronization.

  1. Click on Manage folders or  icon to enable other folders.
  2. Click on Disconnect my account to remove sync between Gmail and Vtiger.
  3. Click on  icon to delete My Mailbox permanently.

  4. Click on Manage folders or  icon to enable other folders.

  5. Click on Disconnect my account to remove sync between email client and Vtiger.
  6. Click on  icon to delete My Mailbox permanently.
  7. Click on the Rename button to remap folders when there is a change in the folder name.
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  8. Auto-sync is enabled for 15 minutes, and about 500 emails get synced every 15 minutes.

My Mailbox view

In My Mailbox, the provider folders sync to the Open folder.

1. A draft email in Vtiger containing links/merge tags shows the same content in the draft folder of email client after syncing. However, the links and merge tags do not work in the email client.
2. Comments added to an email from CRM are not displayed in the email client.
3. Touchpoints and email engagements get updated.
4. When you compose an email from Inbox, the ‘My Mailbox’ address gets selected for ‘from email address’ field.
5. Queuing of emails to send is removed.
6. Emails sent from Workflow>Send Email action, Case Replies, and Internal Tickets are linked to ‘Sent’ folder.
7. Option to move email to My Mailbox is restricted.

Email draft with an inline image

  1. Draft an email with an inline image in an email client.
  2. Modify the draft in the email client and save as draft.
  3. Open the same draft in CRM, and you can see the inline image is displayed as an attachment.

Include an email signature

  1. Enable ‘include signature’ in CRM.
  2. Draft an email from the email client.
  3. Open the same draft in CRM, and you can see that the signature is not included.

Attaching a file above the maximum limit

When you send an email from CRM with an attachment exceeding the size supported in the email client, you receive a bounce alert email.

Delete and restore emails

  1. By default, the emails in the trash folder are not synced at the 1st time sync.
  2. Permanent deletion of an email gets synchronized.
  3. Delete a draft from the email client.
    On opening the deleted draft in Vtiger, you are alerted to restore the email to view it.


  1. IMAP email client’s folders are not shown in CRM.
  2. You can send emails from email client to a contact who has chosen email opt-out.
  3. When you change your email client account’s password, the Vtiger disconnects the email client 2-way sync from My Mailbox. You receive an email notification and have to configure 2-way sync right from the beginning.
  4. Actions performed on past emails in the email client do not sync to Vtiger.
  5. Vtiger Inbox includes an email that’s moved to trash in the email client.
  6. Renaming a folder in the email client stops the synchronization.
  7. Email drafted in other folders of the email clients doesn’t sync to the CRM.
  8. Email drafts of Office 365 do not sync to the CRM.
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