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Settings - Set up your Support Team

Set up your Support Team.
Bindu Rekha Babu
24 Jul, 2020 - Updated 2 years ago
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Having a product expert answer questions on why the online store is not working is not effective. He or she is unlikely to have an answer and needs to figure out who does and then bring it to their attention.

Organizing your support agents into teams will help you utilize your resources effectively.
There are many ways to structure your support teams.

For instance, you can organize your team members into functional teams. By ensuring each member is adequately trained and capable of handling issues pertinent to the group, you can ensure cases get the attention of the right people.

  • Tech Support: This team handles all technical queries
  • General Queries: This team can answer general questions
  • Shipping and Handling: This team can answer questions related to order status
  • Finance and Accounting: This team can handle billing queries
  • Ecommerce: This team can handle issues pertaining to the online store
Want to set up your support team? Click here.
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