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Settings - Working with Picklist Values

Learn how to add picklist values to your modules.
Bindu Rekha Babu
25 Jul, 2020 - Updated 3 years ago
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Create custom picklist fields values to let your users select values from drop-down lists that you define. 

Picklist Field Values is a drop-down field with a list of options available, within which, only one option can be selected.

For instance, Lead status in Leads module. Picklist Editor is used to configuring picklist values in different modules. It enables you to add new values, rename, delete or rearrange existing picklist values. Picklist values vary across roles — users under a role can only access picklist values assigned to that role.

Picklist Field Values

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Adding a Custom Picklist Field to an existing picklist

Vtiger CRM enables you to create new picklist values in addition to existing values. After the custom picklist value(s) is created, they will be available for selection in respective module.

Follow few simple steps to add new picklist values:

  1. Click  icon in the top right corner of any module.
  2. Click Picklist Field Values and select Add Value
  3. Enter Item Value (New Picklist Value)
  4. Enter Assign to Role value (who can access these values based on Roles)

    alt text

  5. Choose a colour from the colour palette and assign it to a picklist value

  6. Click Save.

The Picklist name is visible in the All Values tab.
Learn how to add a Picklist in a Module! Click here. 


Working with Picklist Fields

You can perform a wide variety of operations on picklist fields like adding new values to existing picklist field, modifying, deleting, rearranging existing values of a picklist field. Additionally, you can also assign roles on selected picklist values.

Follow few simple steps to configure picklist fields:

  1. Click  icon and select Settings
  2. Click Configuration > Picklist Field Values
  3. Customize as per your requirement

Customizing existing Picklist

To customise picklist fields, you’ll need to select desired [Module] from Select Module dropdown (ex: Leads, Contacts, etc.) Consequently, Select Picklist in [Module] dropdown will display all picklist fields available for that module. This drop-down can be used to select the desired picklist field to perform global actions.

alt text

Rearranging picklist values

This feature enables you to modify the sequence of picklist values in a given picklist field. You can rearrange the values according to your requirements.

Follow few simple steps to rearrange picklist values:

  1. Select a module and desired picklist field
  2. Click, drag, and drop desired values

You can also sort the picklist values based on the alphabetical order.
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Editing / Renaming Existing Values

This feature helps you to edit existing picklist values in the selected picklist field. 
Follow few simple steps to rename picklist values:

  1. Select a module and desired picklist field
  2. In the All Values List
  3. Click Edit Button

    alt text

  4. Enter New Name

  5. Click Save

Note! After entering each picklist values, you have to press Enter/Return button to show the end of the current value after which you can either type a new value or click Save.

Deleting Existing Values

This feature helps you to Delete existing picklist values in the selected picklist field.

Follow few simple steps to delete picklist values:

  1. Select a module and desired picklist field
  2. In the All Values List
  3. Click Recycle Button

    alt text

alt text

  1. In the popup Click Delete
  2. Click Save

Adding new picklist to Cases module

You can set Case status and SLA timer behavior for custom case states.

alt text

Assigning values to selected Role(s)

Follow few simple steps to add the picklist to new roles:

  1. Click ‘Values assigned to a role.’
  2. Click ‘Role name’ and select a role
  3. Click in the box and select the role
  4. Click and Save.

    alt text

1. The new item value is added to the Role. Only the users with the assigned can access and use the picklist values.
2. New picklist values updated via webservices are restricted.

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