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Create Service Contracts

Bindu Rekha Babu
21 Sep, 2020 - Updated 2 years ago
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Service Contract is an agreement between you and your customers to provide service on the product for a limited time period. As per the agreed contracts, your support center is supposed to offer service for the product for an agreed period of time. It boosts the level of customer satisfaction and builds healthy trading relationships.

Edition Required

This feature is available in Help Desk StarterHelp Desk ProfessionalVtiger One Professional and Vtiger One Enterprise editions.

Creating Service Contracts Manually

You can enter Service Contracts details manually from Service Contracts Module. This might come handy if you will have to enter Service Contracts details individually.

Steps to create Service Contracts records manually

  1. Hover over  icon.
  2. Click Service Contracts under SUPPORT.
  3. In Service Contracts tab, click on Add Service Contracts button.
  4. In the Create Service Contracts view, fill in the project details.

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Fields Information

Information of fields in the Service Contracts create view

Field Name Description
Organizations/Contact name This field will be automatically updated with the Organization or Contact related to Services module if Service Contract will be added from Invoices, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, and Quotes
Contract Start Date The Service contract is effective from the specified date
Contract End Date Service contract ends on the specified date
Tracking Unit Select the desired tracking unit from the picklist accordingly. When a Case related to a Service Contract is closed, a lookup is done in Hours and Days fields of the Cases record and Used Units field in Service Contracts will be updated accordingly
Total Units Specify the number of service instances you would offer

Information about fields in the Service Contract detail view

Field Name Description
Used Units Automatically updated when Status field of Case associated with Service Contract is set to Closed
Contract Completion Date The field is automatically updated when Status is set to Complete, or Used Units reaches, or exceeds Total Units
Planned Duration Automatically updates when Service Contract will come to an end. Calculated as Due date - Start Date
Actual Duration Time-taken, in days, to complete the Service Contract. Calculated as End date - Start Date
Progress(%) Automatically updated when the Used Units field is updated. Calculated as Used Units/Total Units * 100

Note! A few fields are not listed in “create view” of the Service Contracts record. Values for these fields are auto-computed in detail view based on the values of other fields.

  1. Click Save

Quick Create

You can enter basic details of a Service Contracts record through Quick create. This might be helpful if you are running out of time.

Steps to create Service Contracts records through Quick create

  • Hover over  icon on top right corner.
  • Click Service Contracts
  • In the Create Service Contracts view, fill in the Service Contracts details.
  • Click Save.

Associating Service Contracts with Other Records

This will display all-round view of relations of Service Contracts module with other modules and maintain a log of a complete history.

You can keep track of following details in Service Contracts Module

Related Records Actions
Esign Documents To associate existing Case records
Documents To associate existing documents with Service Contract record
Cases Case registered with a request for service is linked here
Activities Add or link a Service Appointment activity here
Work Order Associated Work order is listed here

How to add a Service Appointment to a Contract?

Create Service Appointments for the agents who perform the work at the customer site based on work order assigned.

  1. Go to the detail view of Service Contract
  2. Click on more option and Select Add Service Appointment.

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How to create a Work Order from a Service Contract?

Follow below steps to create a Work Order from a Service Contract record:

  1. Hover over Menu and click on Service Contract module
  2. Select the desired Service Contract record for which you need to create a Work Order
  3. From the detail view of a Service Contract, click on More option and select “Create Work Order.”
  4. Enter all the necessary details and click Save.

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Import Service Contracts

Vtiger CRM supports importing Service Contracts from external sources such as .csv and .vcf files. As it saves lots of time and efforts, it might come in really helpful for your team to import thousands of records instantly. Learn more…

Export Service Contracts

If you ever want your data in the form of a spreadsheet, you can export your Service Contracts records right away.

Steps to export your data

  1. Hover over  icon.
  2. Click Service Contracts under SUPPORT
  3. In Service Contracts list view, select the records that you wish to export by enabling the checkboxes.
  4. Click on  and select Export option.
  5. In the Export Records page, you will find the following options

    • Export selected records - Click on the radio button to export the records selected in List view
    • Export data in current page - Click on the radio button to export all the records that are on the current list view page
    • Export all data - Click on the radio button to export all records in Service Contracts Module

Lastly, click on Export Service Contracts button.

Calculation of Service Instances

Used Units’ field in the Service Contracts module defines the number of Service Instances resolved by your Support center. The field value is computed based on Status field of the Cases module and Tracking Unit field for the Service Contracts module.

Tracking Unit Case Status Used Units
Incidents Closed Used Units + 1
Re-opened Used Units - 1
Days Closed Days value in the Case Used Units + Days of Case
Hours value in the Case Used Units + (Hours of Case / 24)
Reopened Days value in the Case Used Units - Days of Case
Hours value in the Case Used Units - (Hours of Case / 24)
Hours Closed Days value in the Case Used Units + Hours of Case
Days value in the Case Used Units + (Days of Case * 24)
Reopened Hours value in the Case Used Units - Hours of Case
Days value in the Case Used Units - (Days of Case * 24)
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