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Why Use Cases

Bindu Rekha Babu
22 Dec, 2020 - Updated 3 years ago
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Here are some of the Key benefits of using Cases.

1. Business Hours and SLAs

With SLAs, you can set different response time and resolution time targets for cases with different priorities. These might be your internal targets or commitments to customers. With multiple SLAs, you can offer differentiated service to VIP customers.

Business Hours linked to SLAs ensure that the SLA clock runs only when you are working and stops during off-hours.

2. Escalations and Alerts

When a Case is at risk of violating an SLA, an alert is sent ahead of time, and if the time has crossed past the SLA then an escalation is sent. You can notify individuals or groups.

3. Prioritized Case list that allows for effective case management

Agents can rest easy that they can keep picking the cases from the top of the list. The list is already ordered by time remaining on SLA.

  • See if a case is awaiting your reply
  • Visualize case activity - who else is viewing/editing cases
  • Understand how long cases take to get assigned/accepted, etc.

4. Workflow conditions to trigger actions

For example, a partner manager should can be notified if a Case is in Wait for 3rd party stage for more than 8 hours.

5. Case state transitions automatically when a reply is received

When a reply is received by a customer, a Case goes from ‘Wait for Customer’ back to ‘Open’ automatically. Also, to cover the scenario where you might be waiting for a 3rd party, there is a state called ‘Wait for 3rd party’

6. Avoid conflicts

You can see if someone else is also looking at the same Case and avoid duplication of effort.

7. Insights to drive actions

Support team management will love what they will find in the Insights. Besides tracking SLA performance over time, you can find identify problem areas and take actions.

  • Which agents are overloaded with cases?
  • Is backlog growing or reducing over time?
  • At what stage are Cases taking more time?
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