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What is a case?
How do I create a case?
Can I link a customer record to their case record?
What is the Is Billable field in Cases?
Can I create a case using Quick Create?
What are the different statuses of a case?
How do I assign a case to a team in my company?
Where can I find the responses to the Customer Satisfaction Survey?
What is the Customer Satisfaction Survey?
How does the Customer Satisfaction Survey work?
How can I find the Customer Satisfaction Survey workflow?
What is the difference between cases and internal tickets?
Can I mass edit case details at once?
Can I filter cases depending on the Customer Satisfaction Survey feedback?
How do I set up a mailroom rule to create cases?
How do I reply to a case?
Why are there no closed states in Cases?

Can I link a service to a case?

Yes, when a customer reports a case that can be solved by providing a service, then you can add information about the service in the Service Details block.
Follow these steps to add service details in a case record:
  1. Click the Menu icon.
  2. Go to Support.
  3. Click Cases.
  4. Select and open the case to which you want to add service details. 
  5. Click Deep Dive.
  6. Look for the Service Details block.
  7. Enter the following information:
    • If the service is billable (chargeable):
      1. Is Billable: Must be enabled if the service is billable
      2. Service: The service that is being provided
      3. Service type: The type of service provided
      4. Service location: The location if the service (Remote or Onsite)
    • If the service is not billable:
      1. Service type: The type of service provided
      2. Service location: The location if the service (Remote or Onsite)
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