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What is a bounce message and error code?
What are different bounce categories?
What are the different error codes?
What are the different traditional bounce codes?
What are the different enhanced bounce codes?
Can I customize the bounce messages?
I need a detailed report regarding a bounce message. How can I get it?
What is a hard bounce?
What is a general bounce?
What is a 'DNS failure' error?
What is a 'Mailbox full' error?
What is a 'Message too large' error?
What is a 'Mail block - relay denied' error?
What is a 'Mail block - spam detected' error?
What is a transient bounce?
What is a challenge or response bounce?
What is a 'Bounce - no email address returned' error?

What is a 'Mail block - general' error?

The recipient’s email server blocks inbound mail from the sender’s server, which may be due to blacklisting. A mail block is recorded when the receiving server blocks an email completely, rejecting the message without any attempt to deliver it to the inbox.
The reasons for this block are:
  • Your reply-to address is blacklisted
  • One of your sending IPs is temporarily blocked
  • One of your sending domains is temporarily blacklisted
  • The receiving server only accepts white-listed senders
Note: You can resend an email only if the above issues are resolved. Please contact us at support@vtiger.com for more information.

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