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How do you schedule a JioMeet Meeting through Emails?

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You can insert and send a JioMeet meeting link to your contact or co-worker from a record's Compose Email window. 

Let us consider this example from the Deals module.
Follow these steps to create a JioMeeting from the Deals module:
  1. Log in to your CRM account.
  2. Click the Main Menu.
  3. Go to Sales.
  4. Select Deals.
  5. Open any deal record.
  6. Click the Email icon on the top right corner of the record.
  7. Click the Insert Links drop down from the Compose Email window.
  8. Select the Schedule Conference option.
  9. Enter the following information:
    1. Event Name: Enter a Name for the event.
    2. Activity Type: Select JioMeet from the drop-down.
    3. Start Date & Time:  Enter the starting date and time of the event.
    4. End Date & Time:  Enter the ending date and time of the event.
    5. Description: Enter a description for the event.
    6. Participants: Select the participants for the event.
  10. Click More Fields to add other details like Agenda, Location, etc.
    1. Or click View full form to view different details you can add.
  11. Click Save.
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