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Explain Summary View in Articles?

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 When you click on an article, the Summary View of the article opens. This displays all the information related to the article.
You can find the below icons beside the title of the article:
  • Edit - You can edit the name of the article.
  • Follow - You can follow or unfollow the star icon of any article record. By following any article record, you get any updates related to that particular article.
  • Tags - You can add a new tag name or select from the existing list of tags from the drop-down. This helps you to identify the record easily.
  • Open in a new tab - You can open the article on a new browser.
  • Link - You can copy the direct link of the article.

You can find the following icons in the top right corner of the Summary view:
  • Preview - After writing the content, you can preview it before publishing it to see how the content appears to the users. You can also look for any errors and rectify them during Preview.
  • Edit - On clicking the Edit icon, an Editing Article window of that article opens. You can make article information changes, like adding a new title, description, etc. You can click Save after making the changes.
  • More - On clicking the More icon(vertical three dots), you can perform the following actions:
    • Followers: You can see the users who are following the article and also add followers from the drop-down to follow the record.
    • Print: You can print the article by selecting the template.
    • Duplicate: You can duplicate the current record and have similar details in a new record.
    • Delete: You can delete an article by clicking this button.
  • Widgets - You can access the following widgets in the Summary View of an article.
    • Activity- You can see all the activities performed on that particular article. When you enable the Roll Up toggle, you can find the users who have changed the article. You can also see the time when the changes were made.
    • Analytics- You can find Article views in the form of charts and article ratings in the form of percentages.
    • Details - You can click on the arrow icon to expand to go to the detail view of the article.
    • Categories and subcategories - It is mandatory to add categories and subcategories to an article. This helps you to identify articles in a particular category and subcategory. 
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