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Deals Module in Vtiger

Learn all about deals - how to create them, view them, and log their progress from one sales stage to another.
21 Jun, 2024 - Updated 27 days ago
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A deal is a sales opportunity that you are pursuing with a person or an organization. 

In a sale, a potential customer starts off as a Lead and then converts into a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL). After the process of Lead Nurturing by marketing teams, the MQL becomes a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL). Depending on whether the prospect agrees to buy from your company, the deal is won or lost. When the deal is won, the lead becomes a Contact. If the deal is lost, the lead becomes a potential customer once again.

Here is an overview of the sales process in Vtiger CRM:


How does the Deals module add value to your sales process?

The Deals module adds value to your sales process by making all deal-related information handy and easing your sales tasks. This is made possible through One View, and other information about a deal’s related record is available on a single screen.

How is the Deals module useful?
You can create and manage deals with the following actions;

  • Create a deal.
  • Set up multiple sales pipelines and assign them to deals.
  • Duplicate a deal to dynamically comply with a different sales process by moving it to a different pipeline. Skip to this section to know how it works.
  • Add or remove fields and blocks, re-organize field layout, and set up key fields and mandatory fields under Module Layouts & Fields. To learn more about this setting, click here.
  • Set up workflows and save your time by automating your sales process. 
  • Auto-assign deals as they come! Set up assignment rules and assign records automatically.
  • Set up suitable currencies for your distributed sales teams.

Feature Availability 

Sales Starter

Sales Professional

Sales Enterprise

All-in-One Professional

All-in-One Enterprise

Feature Availability


Deals: Different Views

Vtiger offers you the flexibility to view your deals in the form of a list in the List View or as cards in the Kanban view. You can view your deals by going to Main Menu > Sales > Deals.

List View

The List View lists all your deals in descending order of the Last Modified Date. You can view information such as the deal name, its related contact/organization, expected close date, etc., on the List View. Additionally, you can perform quick actions such as:

  • Editing or deleting multiple deal records
  • Following a deal
  • Calling a deal’s contact
  • Sending an email or SMS to a deal’s contact
  • Exporting deals
  • Print deal information
  • Add tags to deals
  • Merging multiple deals into one

To learn more about the List View, click here.

Kanban View

The Kanban View displays deals as separate cards, sorted based on the sales stage. You can also sort them by pipeline, lead source, assigned to, etc.  For instance, if you apply the filter for the Standard pipeline, you can see all the deals associated with the pipeline and sorted by the sales stages in the pipeline.

Other actions you can do on the Kanban View include changing a deal’s sales stage, closing a deal, and moving it to another pipeline.

To learn more about Deals’ Kanban View, click here

Important Fields in Deals


Field name


Deal Name

Mandatory field

Displays the name of the deal

Organization Name

Displays the name of the organization linked with the deal

Contact Name

Displays the name of the primary contact linked with the deal

Expected Close Date

Mandatory field

Displays the date on which the deal is expected to close


Displays the total worth of the deal


Mandatory field

Displays the name of the pipeline the deal is associated with

Sales Stage

Mandatory field

Displays the current sales stage the deal is in

Assigned To

Mandatory field

Displays the name of the sales rep who is working on the deal

Weighted Revenue

Weighted Revenue = (Amount * Probability)/100, where Probability is the sales stage probability

Last Contacted On

Displays the time and date when any of the deal’s contacts were last contacted

Last Contacted Via Displays the channel through which any of the deal’s contacts were last contacted. For example, email, SMS, phone calls, etc.

Note: You can set sales stage probability by going to Settings > Marketing & Sales > Pipelines & Stages.

Creating a Deal

You can create a deal in the following ways:

  • From Deals’ Kanban or List View
  • From One View
  • Using Quick Create 

From the Kanban or List View

Kanban view is the default view you see when you land on the Deals page. It displays deals by sales stage.
Follow these steps to create a deal from the Kanban or List View:

  1. Log in to your CRM account.
  2. Click the Main Menu.
  3. Go to Sales.
  4. Click Deals.
  5. Click the Kanban View or List View icon.
  6. Click +New Deal.
  7. Fill out the necessary data fields. 
  8. Click Save.


When you save a deal, a pop-up window appears on the top-right corner of the screen. Clicking the View Record link in the pop-up opens the deal that you created.


From One View
You do not have to go to Deals each time you want to create one. Vtiger CRM allows you to create deals from the One View tab in a contact or organization record.
Follow these steps to create a deal from Contacts:

  1. Log in to your CRM account.
  2. Click the Main Menu.
  3. Go to Essentials.
  4. Select Contacts or Organizations.
  5. Open a contact or organization record.
  6. Click the One View tab on the right sidebar.
  7. Do the following:
    1. If you are linking a deal to a contact or organization for the first time -
      1. Select Deals.
      2. Fill out the necessary information. 
      3. Click Save.
    2. If you have already linked other deals to a contact or organization -
      1. Scroll down to the Deals card.
      2. Click the + icon on the top of the Deals card.
      3. Fill out the necessary information. 
      4. Click Save.

To learn about One View in Deals, click here.

Using Quick Create

With Quick Create, you can create a deal quickly by filling in only the necessary details. You can access this feature from any screen, which saves you a lot of time.

Follow these steps to create a deal using Quick Create:

  1. Log in to your CRM account.
  2. Click the + icon displayed on the top of your CRM screen.
  3. Click Show all to view all the modules you can create records using Quick Create.
  4. Select Deal.
  5. Enter all the mandatory details.
  6. Click Save.

To learn more about Quick Create, click here.

Adding Line Items to a Deal

 You can add deal revenue line items from the Line Items tab on a deal. 
Follow these steps to add line items to a deal:

  1. Log in to your CRM account.
  2. Click the Main Menu.
  3. Go to Sales.
  4. Click Deals.
  5. Select and open the deal to which you want to add line items.
  6. Click the Line Items tab on the right sidebar.
  7. Click the + icon. The Item Details window opens.
  8. Add products/services as line items. 
  9. Click Save.

Note: It is not recommended to make changes to line items in a deal directly. Updates made to line items in a quote always override deal revenue line items if quote syncing is enabled. 

Syncing a Quote with a Deal

 Syncing a quote with a deal attaches all line items added to the quote to the Line Items tab in the deal. 
Follow these steps to sync a quote with a deal:

  1. Log in to your CRM account.
  2. Click the Main Menu.
  3. Go to Sales.
  4. Click Quotes.
  5. Select and open the quote whose line items you want to sync.
  6. Click the Edit icon on the top right. You will see all the quote fields.
  7. Enter the deal name in the Deal Name field.
  8. Scroll down to the Item Details block.
  9. Add line items and enable the ‘Sync with deal’ toggle button.
  10. Click Save

Note: Whenever you make changes to a quote synced with a deal, they are reflected in the deal’s Line Items widget. 

Moving a Deal to a Different Pipeline

There might arise a need to move one or more deals to a different pipeline for better compliance with the sales cycle. You can do this from the Deal Journey View and select the new sales stage and probability value for a deal.

When a deal is associated with a pipeline, the time spent by the deal in each sales stage of the pipeline is recorded. To move the deal to another pipeline, you must map the time spent in the sales stages of the current pipeline to the sales stages in the new pipeline. 


  • To change a deal’s pipeline, you must have multiple pipelines configured in your CRM. 
  • The CRM displays a Clock icon beside various stages of a deal. Hovering your mouse over the Clock icon will display the time you spent on that particular stage.

Follow these steps to move a deal to a different sales pipeline:

  1. Log in to your CRM account
  2. Click the Main Menu
  3. Go to Sales
  4. Click Deals
  5. Open a deal
  6. Click the pipeline name shown on the top of the Deal Journey View
  7. Select or enter the:
    1. Pipeline you want to move the deal to
    2. Sales stage you want to move the deal to
    3. Probability for the sales stage
  8. Click Save

To learn about sales pipelines and stages, click here.

Other Sales-Related Modules

Forecast and Quota

Estimating future sales and setting up sales goals for sales reps improves decision-making and makes measuring the performance of sales teams easy. Vtiger CRM’s Forecast and Quota helps you achieve this! As a sales manager, you can set up sales forecasts and quotas by going to Main Menu > Sales > Forecast and Quota.

To learn more about how to set up forecasts and quotas, click here.

Sales Insights 

Gain insights into your sales team’s productivity and track their performance with Vtiger CRM’s Sales Insights. Reports in Sales Insights draw a clear picture of where your sales team is heading. 
Sales Insights comprises of four folders:

  • Activity Reports to track your sales team’s customer-related activities
  • Pipeline Performance to view the status of your sales pipeline and progress of your deals
  • Sales Results to view your revenue metrics and metrics of sales goals vs. closed deals
  • Sales Process Reports to check the status of your sales process

To learn more about Sales Insights in Vtiger CRM, click here.

Sales Reports
When you have a massive amount of unstructured data, and you want to organize it to make it intelligible, Reports are the way to do that! In Vtiger CRM, you can choose to create Detail Reports, Pivot Reports, or Charts to represent your data in the best possible way.
To learn more about Reports in Vtiger CRM,
click here.

Workflows for Deals

Vtiger CRM has four default workflows for deals.

  • Send Email to the user on Potential creation: When a new deal is created and assigned to a user, this workflow sends an email to the user.
  • Calculate or Update Weighted Revenue: When you enter the deal amount, the Weighted Revenue field is automatically updated as follows: (Amount * Probability)/100.
  • Update Contact Type and Organization Type as Customer: When a deal’s sales stage is set to Closed Won, then the Type field in the related organization or contact is set to Customer.
  • Update Contact Type when Opportunity is created: When a deal is created for a contact, then the Lifecycle Stage field in the contact is updated to Sales Qualified Lead.

Go to Settings > Automation > Workflows to view these workflows or modify them. 


Note: You can access Settings only if you are an Admin user.

Actions Possible on a Deal

You can perform the following actions by clicking the More icon on the top right corner of a deal:

  • Follow and view followers
    • Click the Eye icon to view all the followers of a deal. You can also follow the deal by clicking the Follow button.
    • When you follow a deal, you get notified each time there is an update on it. You can set up these notifications as an Admin user by going to Main Menu > Essentials > Actions.
  • Add tag
    • Tags are labels that can be attached to deals. Here is how you can add a tag to a deal:
      • Click the + icon.
      • Select an existing tag from the drop-down or enter a new tag name.
      • Click Add.
    • To delete a tag, click the x icon.
  • Print
    • Click the Print icon to perform the actions below. 
      • Email with PDF - To attach deal data as a PDF in an email.
      • Print - To print deal data on paper.
      • Save as PDF - To download deal data on your local system.
    • You can also select a template to display and print deal data, by typing in the search bar. To learn more about print templates in Vtiger CRM, click here.
  • Duplicate - Click the Duplicate icon to duplicate the deal. 
  • Delete - Click the Delete icon to delete the deal.
  • Reach out now - Use this option to reach out to a customer instantly by WhatsApp, or SMS,. You can also log a meeting or schedule a Zoom call using the Schedule Conference option.
  • Attachment - You can link, create, and upload documents. You can also create a quote from here.
  • Add or Link - You can add or link contacts to a deal using the option.
Note: You will now be able to see cases linked to the deal's related contacts - cases created in the last 7 days and cases with the case statuses, new and open. An actionable message will also tell you to - Review the new or open case from Contact Name, Case Title.
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