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Prioritize your Cases

Bindu Rekha Babu
28 Jan, 2021 - Updated 7 months ago


Having a consistent pecking order of cases across teams will allow all agents to work on what matters most for the team.

alt text

For instance, escalated critical cases from VIP customers may need the most attention. It is unlikely all agents will have such cases all the time. So, Reopened cases may be next on the pecking order. Again, reopens should not occur frequently. If it does, there is a different problem to address. Subsequently, agents can move on to cases that are due soon, or needing a response, etc.

So agents will not have to answer questions like “why have you not resolved this or that” - they are equipped with a clear guidance what they should be working on.

In addition, it enables supervisors distribute the load equitably. When a supervisor sees an agent dealing with 5 escalated cases, he can stop assigning new cases or reassign some of these cases to others who may not be under the gun.

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