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Check-in for field sales team

Bindu Rekha Babu
17 Mar, 2023 - Updated 11 months ago
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Plan your customer visits faster with Vtiger 360’s GPS features to check-in and check-out at the event location.
Businesses that require their sales agents to visit prospects or customers at client locations can use Vtiger 360 GPS-enabled features to plan their agenda with an option to check-in to the event location. The agent adds the quick note and marks the event as held after the meeting.

The Sales managers get a real-time visit update from the agent with an option to generate Agent visits report with all the check-in and check-out details. The sales agent can also use this report for expense claims and time management.

GPS settings

Please follow these simple steps to view and configure GPS settings via Vtiger web app.

  1. Go to User Menu > Settings > Vtiger 360 > Configuration.
  2. Set Geo fence Radius in terms of kilometers or miles. Radius configured here will be used to mark a check-in as inside or outside of geofence to the target location.
    alt text

Note! Only Admins can access GPS settings in Vtiger web app.

Creating an onsite Event

To create an onsite Event, select Activity Type = “Onsite meeting.”
By default, Organization billing address or the Primary Contact’s mailing address is considered as the event location.

Onsite event creation in Vtiger 360

alt text

Onsite event creation in Vtiger web app

alt text
alt text

Onsite Event actions

Following actions can be performed for onsite Events
1. Navigation to the Event location.

  • Click on Navigate to find the best route to the Event location.

    alt text

2a. When an onsite Event is in planned status, agent can

  1. Check-in - To start the onsite meeting and Geo tag the event location
    • From Vtiger 360 dashboard
      alt text
    • From Event record
      alt text

Note! To detect the device’s current location for check-in, GPS location of the device has to be turned on.

  1. Reschedule - This option is used when the planned meeting has to be moved ahead by 1 day or 2 days or 3 days or a custom date/time.
  2. Cancel - To cancel a planned meeting
    alt text

2b. When an onsite Event is in checked-in status, agent can

  1. Mark as held and follow up - This option is used when an Event is held and a follow-up event has to be set with the same participants.
  2. Cancel - To cancel a checked-in meeting that did not happen

    alt text

Check-in process

When the agent checks-in to the Event outside the geofence radius, a warning is shown to the user to indicate that the check-in will be marked as a violation. The agent can still proceed and complete the check-in action.
To continue, tap on Yes.
alt text

Event status is set to Checked-in once the check-in action is complete.

1. Only Event owners are allowed to check-in.
2. Multiple check-ins are not allowed at the same time.

Check-in and check-out details

Check-in details block in Event record captures information related to last check-in

  • Check-in location viewable on the map.
  • Check-in comment
  • Check- in date/time
  • Geofence violation[Yes/No].
  • Geofence violation distance computed based on actual location of check-in

Once the meeting is complete, the agent can mark as held and enter the meeting notes.

alt text

Check-in and check-out comments:

alt text

Check-out details block in Event record captures information related to check-out action.

  • Check-out comment.
  • Check-out date/time.
  • Actual duration of the Event


Default agent visit reports are available in Activity Reports folder.

  1. Agent check-in report: Agent visit report with details of check-in and check-out.
    alt text

  2. Agent check-in exception report: Agent visit report with details of check-ins done outside of geofence radius.
    alt text

Troubleshooting Tips

If you face any issue with check-in, please change your location mode in your Android device from High accuracy to Device only.

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