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How do I create a case?
Can I link a customer record to their case record?
What is the Is Billable field in Cases?
Can I link a service to a case?
Can I create a case using Quick Create?
What are the different statuses of a case?
How do I assign a case to a team in my company?
Where can I find the responses to the Customer Satisfaction Survey?
What is the Customer Satisfaction Survey?
How does the Customer Satisfaction Survey work?
How can I find the Customer Satisfaction Survey workflow?
What is the difference between cases and internal tickets?
Can I mass edit case details at once?
Can I filter cases depending on the Customer Satisfaction Survey feedback?
How do I set up a mailroom rule to create cases?
How do I reply to a case?
Why are there no closed states in Cases?

What is a case?

A case is an issue or a request raised by a customer. When a customer raises an issue, you can create a case record in the CRM. 

For example, consider that you are running an e-commerce business. A customer receives a damaged product from you. When they call you to raise a complaint, you log their complaint as a case in the CRM.
In some cases, customers might raise the complaint via email, in which case, Vtiger CRM automatically creates a case record. 
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