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How does the Customer Satisfaction Survey work?

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The customer satisfaction survey is sent via a workflow.

Here is how it works:
  1. When a customer reports a case, you assign it to an individual or a team who works towards resolving the case.
  2. After you resolve the customer’s issue, you mark the case as resolved in the CRM by updating the Status field in the case record to Resolved.
  3. When the case status changes to Resolved, the Default Satisfaction Survey workflow gets triggered. Then, the survey email is sent to the customer. 
  4. The customer must provide feedback in the form of a smiley. They must pick one of these smilies:
  1. The customer must then write a feedback comment.
  1. After the customer submits feedback, their response is recorded in the Rating and Satisfaction Survey Feedback fields in the case record.

Note: The Survey template is not customizable. Contact support@vtiger.com to request for customization.
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