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How can I send emails using workflows?

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Workflows help you automate the process of sending emails.  For instance, you can send automated thank-you emails to the leads generated through your website.

Follow these steps to send an email considering the example above:
Accessing the workflow page:
  1. Click the User Menu on the top right corner of the screen
  2. Click the Settings button
  3. Look for the Automation section
  4. Select Workflows
  5. Click the +New Workflow button
  6. Select the Standard option

Entering the basic information:

  1. Select the Target Module as Leads
  2. Enter workflow name, status, etc

Select the workflow trigger:

  1. Select this Workflow Trigger - Lead creation

Set up the workflow entry criteria:

  1. Click the +Add Condition button
  2. Enter the condition - Lead Source is Website by following the steps below -
    1. Select ‘Lead Source’ from the first drop-down and ‘is’ from the second 
    2. Click on the text area on the right
    3. Select Raw text from the drop-down
    4. Click on Select an option
    5. Choose Website
    6. Click Save

Set up the action:

  1. Click the Add Action drop-down
  2. Select Send Mail
    1. This opens a window where you must set up the email
  3. Enter the Action Title
  4. Enter the following email information
    1. Specify the From, Reply To, and To addresses, and the email subject
    2. Embed fields into the email body (if required)
    3. Merge an email template with the email body (if required)
    4.  Insert documents, links, and signatures into the email body
  5. Click Save to save the email action
  6. Click Save to save the workflow
To learn more about the Send Mail action, click here.
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