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How can I send emails using workflows?
How do I delete sample (default) workflows?
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What are Scheduled Workflows?
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Can I automate the sending of an SMS?
How do I set up the Update Fields Workflow action?
How do I set up the SMS Task workflow action?
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I want my workflow to consider only weekdays while checking conditions. Is this possible?
Can I reorder the sequence of workflow actions?
How many actions can I include in a standard workflow?
How do I modify existing workflows?
How do I create a workflow?
Can I attach a file in an email sent via a workflow?
How many multi-path workflows can I create?
How many actions can I include in a scheduled workflow?
How many actions can I have in a multi-path workflow?
What are the types of workflows available in Vtiger?

How does the SMS Task workflow action work?

You can use a workflow to automate the SMS Message process to your leads, contacts, employees, etc. 
For example, if the status of a lead is Qualified, you might want to send them a thank you note via SMS. You can automate this by setting up a workflow.

Follow these steps to set up the SMS Task action:

  1. Click the Add Action drop-down
  2. Select SMS Task
    • This opens a window where you must set up the SMS to be sent and recipient details
  3. Enter the Action Title
  4. Enter the SMS body and recipient information
    • Recipients: Choose the recipient number from the drop-down on the right
    • Add Fields: Select field values that need to be inserted into the message body. For example, when you select the First Name field, you can compose a message that starts with “Hi, ”. The first name of the recipient gets embedded where the place holder is specified
    •  SMS Text: Enter the message body here. To insert a field value into the SMS, place the cursor in the desired position
  5. Click Save to save the SMS task
  6. Click Save to save the workflow
To learn more about the SMS Task action, click here.
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