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How do I set up the Create Task workflow action?

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Follow these steps to set up the Create Task action:
  1. Click the Add Action drop-down.
  2. Select Create Task.
    • This opens a window where you must specify the task details.
  3. Enter the Action Title
  4. Enter the following task details:
    • Title: This is the task name
    • Description: Enter a brief description of the task
    • Status: This is the task status
    • Priority: This is the priority of the task
    • Assigned to: Choose the user to whom you want to assign the task
    • Time: The time at which the task must start
      • Note: The start date and end date are the same¬†
    • Due Date: This is the date on which the task must end
    • Send Notification: Enable this to notify the user in Assigned To when the task is assigned to them
    • Task Type: This specifies the type of the task.
      • For example, reminder task, training task, etc
  5. Click Save to save the action
    • This closes the window opened in Step 14
  6. Click Save to save the workflow

To learn more about the action, click here.
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