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How do I add an article from the Cases module?

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You can create an article from a case by clicking the Do button. This option provides a way to add an article by either creating it from scratch or duplicating one of the recently created articles.
Follow these steps to add an article from the Do button in cases:

  1. Click the Main Menu.
  2. Go to the Support tab.
  3. Select the Cases module.
  4. Open a case record.
  5. Click the Do button on the top right corner of the Summary View.
  6. Click the Add or Create button.
  7. Click on Articles.
  8. Fill in the following mandatory information:
  • Title - Enter the name of the article.
  • Category - Pick the category where the article belongs.
  • Subcategory - Pick the subcategory where the article belongs. 
  • Status - Pick the status of your article from the drop-down. Status defines what phase your article is currently in.
  • Author - Select the author from the drop-down. It lists the CRM users who have access to the Articles module.
  • Visibility - Select to whom your article must be visible. It can be made: 
    • Public - Anybody in the world can read your articles. 
    • Logged in Contacts - Only the contacts who have logged in using their portal credentials can read your articles.  
    • Employees - Only your employees can read your articles.
  1. Click Save and Continue to create the article and write the content.
    • Click Cancel to exit article creation.

The newly created article is linked to the case and shown under the Sales Ops widget in the Summary View of the case record. To know more about Cases, click here.

To know more about Articles, click here.
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