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How do I change the template of an article?

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Follow these steps to change the template of an article from the print invoice screen:

Note: This is a temporary change only until the article is printed.

  1. Click the Main Menu.
  2. Go to the Support tab.
  3. Select the Articles module.
  4. Open an article.
  5. Click the More button.
  6. Click the Print icon.
  7. Select the template you want from the list of available templates.
  8. You can perform the options below:
    • Edit & Export - You can edit the article and export it to your local system.
    • Email with PDF - You can email the article record as a PDF to a contact.
    • Print - You can print the article and keep its hard copy.
    • Save as PDF - You can save the article as a PDF on your local system.

The template is applied to the article instantly.
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