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What is Ozonetel gateway in Vtiger CRM?

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In Vtiger CRM, Ozonetel is available as a phone call gateway to place outgoing calls and receive incoming calls via the phone devices used by agents. Once you configure it in Vtiger CRM, agents can place calls and receive calls from customers who get connected via their phone device. The agent's phone device’s phone number has to be registered in the Ozonetel portal. And configured as the Ozonetel Extension number under My Preferences in Vtiger CRM. It lets you connect agents and customers through the agent's phone device only. It supports simultaneous call routing to multiple agents. It is a user-friendly phone call gateway letting you use the below Vtiger CRM’s Phone Call module features:
  • Incoming calls
  • Outgoing calls
  • Call notes
  • Customer sentiments
  • Call recordings
Note: The Agent’s phone device can either be a physical device or a soft phone.

What is the Phone Calls module in Vtiger CRM?
With the Phone Calls module, you can integrate with different service providers and connect with your contacts by simply placing a call directly from the CRM. 
 With the Phone Calls module installed, you can:
  • Place calls directly from the CRM. 
  • Integrate services such as Live Chat, email, call logging, purchase history, feedback surveying, support tickets, and many more.
To know more about a phone call gateway configuration in Vtiger CRM click here.
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