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How to receive incoming phone calls using Ozonetel in Vtiger CRM?

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In this section let us learn how an agent can receive calls in Vtiger CRM from Ozonetel.
Pop-up messages notify you about incoming calls. Incoming calls are matched with the customers (contact, lead, organization or vendor records) in the CRM by matching caller numbers with numbers in the CRM. 
  • If a matching number exists, then the contact/lead/organization/vendor’s name is displayed in the pop-up.
  • If a matching number does not exist, you are prompted to enter the caller's email ID in the pop-up to create a new contact record.
Follow these steps to receive an incoming call using Ozonetel in Vtiger CRM.
  1. Login to your CRM account.
  2. Once a customer calls, the agent receives it on their phone device. And a pop up is displayed in Vtiger CRM with status ringing.
  3. Once the agent receives the call, you will be directed to the pop up with status in-progress.
  4. The Agent and the customer can now have a phone conversation.
You have now successfully placed an incoming phone call using Ozonetel in Vtiger CRM.
 If you have multiple agents manning phone calls, say a customer care team, then the incoming call pop-up is displayed to all the agents who have configured the extension number in their Preferences. When an agent answers a call, the pop-up disappears for other agents.
From the incoming call pop-up, you can:
  • Search/Create a contact if there is no matching contact for an incoming call.
  • Create a deal or a case from the incoming call pop-up.
  • Transfer calls to other Agents.
  • Add call notes.
Also, you can view recent call logs in related touchpoints of the contact’s record.

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