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Explain List View in FAQs.

Table of Contents
Following are the columns that are listed by default:
  • Feature - The feature of the question is selected from the feature drop-down.
  • Answer - The answer to the question is displayed.
  • Views - The number of views for each and every FAQ is displayed.
  • Category - The category under which the FAQ falls is displayed.
  • Question - The question is displayed.
  • Status¬† - The status of the question- Draft, To be reviewed, Reviewed, Published, or Obsolete is displayed.
  • Version - The version V7 or V9 is displayed.
  • Created Time - The time when the FAQ was created is displayed.
  • Modified Time - The time when a FAQ is modified is displayed.
  • Created By - The name of the person who created the FAQ is displayed.
  • Last modified - The person who has last modified will be displayed.
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