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Explain Summary View in FAQs.

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When you click on a FAQ, the Summary View opens. The Summary View displays the question and the answer. 
The following shortcut keys are beside the Question:
  • Click to follow - You can click this icon to follow a FAQ.
  • Tags - You can add tags to a FAQ record.
  • Open in a new tab - You can open the FAQ in a new window.
  • Click to copy the direct link - You can copy the FAQ link and share it.


In the Activity section, you can have conversations with other members of the team by using @mentions. You can find the history of changes that happened in the FAQ and the people who have worked on it.
By clicking Filters and enabling Internal Comments and Updates, the conversation history will be displayed.

Edit Icon

By clicking the Edit icon, an editing FAQ window opens. Here, you can edit the Question and Answer, add the Question Variants FAQ Label, select FAQ visibility, and save it.

More Icon

By clicking the three dots on the top right corner of the screen, you can do the following:
  • Follow and Add Followers - You can follow a record and also add followers to a record.
  • Print - You can print a FAQ record.
  • Duplicate - You can duplicate a FAQ record.
  • Attachment - You can attach documents to a FAQ by clicking Documents under attachment.
  • Add or Link - You can add another FAQ or link other FAQs to a FAQ record.
You will find the following widgets in the Summary View of Article Editor:
  • Analytics - You can get your analytics for FAQs by simply creating a chart or minilist.
  • Details - You can see all the details of your FAQs.
  • Documents - You can link, and add Documents to your FAQs. You can also click the record lists or open record lists
  • FAQ - You can link FAQs to a particular FAQ.
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