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List the benefits of FAQs in Vtiger CRM.

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Benefits of FAQs in Vtiger CRM:

Here are the benefits of FAQs:
  • Efficient Customer Support - FAQs provide quick answers to common customer queries, reducing the need for customers to contact your support team for basic information.
  • Time-Saving - By directing common questions to the FAQ page, your support team can prioritize more pressing customer concerns.
  • Consistency - FAQs ensure that customers receive consistent and accurate information in response to their queries. It helps standardize responses to common questions, reducing the risk of misinformation.
  • Self-Service options - Customers prefer self-service options that offer quick solutions. FAQs enable customers to find answers on their own, improving their satisfaction and overall experience.
  • Knowledge sharing - FAQs can serve as a knowledge-sharing repository within your organization. 
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