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August 2021

Get details about the features and enhancements released in August 2021.
Rashmi Kashyap
11 Dec, 2023 - Updated 4 months ago
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Active Viewers

  • Once you install the Viewers extension, you can see the active viewers on a record. 


  • Once you install the Celebrate Success extension, you can add module names, field names, and values to it. Whenever a record in a module is set to the specified values, a confetti shower happens on the screen. To know more about Confetti, click here

Exotel SMS Gateway

  • You can send SMSes from Vtiger CRM using Exotel as the gateway. You must add Exotel under Settings > Extensions > SMS provider configuration and activate it to start using. 


  • After installing the List Reminder extension, you can set reminders on individual tasks by hovering over them in the List View. 

Webex Integration

Webex by Cisco is a platform for online meetings, video conferencing, and screen sharing. With Webex and Vtiger CRM integration, you can:

  • Install the Webex Meetings extension in Vtiger CRM to generate and share meeting links from the CRM, and insert the links in emails and chat.
  • Install the Vtiger CRM app in Webex team spaces to view and share your Tasks, Contacts, Deals, and Cases directly. 
  • Ask the Vtiger Bot for your daily agenda and other information related to contacts, deals, cases, or tasks.


Appointment Pages

  • The answer types under the Invitees section are renamed as follows:
    • Radio button > Multiple choice
    • Checkboxes > Multi-select


  • When you click the Today button, you will be taken to the current month, week, or day. 


  • You can see the Location icon if a contact or organization record contains an address. Clicking on the icon shows the directions on a map. 


  • When you upload a document, the Title field automatically picks the document's name as stored on your local computer. 

Facebook Integration

  • While setting up Facebook sync, you can map the Assigned To field with a user or a group. 


  • When you hover over an email, you can see the option to create a new record or link the email to an existing record

Kanban View

  • Kanban View is available in all inventory modules and custom modules

Line Items

  • In Deals, Invoices, and Quotes, the Tax region, Currency, Tax Mode, and Pricebook fields are displayed before the product/service rows. 

One View

  • Admins can customize One View in Settings > Module Management > Module Layouts & Fields. Under the Customize One View tab, you can select which modules/records to show under One View. 

Print Templates

  • When you add LineItems Block for Group Tax or LineItems Block for Individual Tax merge fields to a print template, the SL. No column is automatically added. 
  • For all line items added to the template, their description is added by default.

Summary View

  • You can copy the email ID and phone number (with country code) from a record. Hover over the Email and Phone fields and click the Copy icon to do so. 

Tally Integration

  • You can sync records from Tally to Vtiger CRM and vice-versa at the same time using the Sync Both Ways option. 
  • You can sync the PAN card, Credit limit, credit period, dispatch address, and mobile phone details from Tally to Vtiger CRM. 


  • The Send Notification checkbox field is removed from Settings > Module Management > Module Layouts & Fields of Tasks. 

Web Chats

  • Under Settings > Websense > Widgets, you can choose additional fields to display in the Help widget on your website. 
  • You can create customized responses in Web Chats from the Settings icon > Add Template in the chat transcript. While replying to a chat, you can select these responses from the More icon > Select template

Note: Please contact our support team (support@vtiger.com) for clarifications.

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