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April 2021

Get details about the features and enhancements released in April 2021.
Rashmi Kashyap
11 May, 2021 - Updated 1 year ago
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Custom Modules

  • The modules under the Custom Modules widget are listed individually in the right-side panel.


  • All line items’ changes are displayed in the Activity > Filters > Updates section of the record.

Partner Portal

  • Partners can access the Organizations module in the Partner Portal.

Phone Calls

  • You can set up a unique caller ID for each user using Twilio integration. You can choose between Twilio Number or User Number that is displayed to your customers when you are calling them.

Print Templates

  • You can add header and footer fields like Current Page, Total Pages, Current Page/Total Pages in Print Templates.

For example, while creating a print template, go to Template Editor > click Properties > select Header option > select Header/Footer Fields in the drop-down. You can now add the fields mentioned above to the template.


  • The Show totals in legend toggle button is visible for all charts.


  • You can right-click on an email ID to copy the email address.
  • You can copy the email ID and the phone number (with country code) by clicking the Copy icon.
  • Spelling recommendations for misspelled words are shown in all editing or composing windows.



  • When you sync events from Google calendar to the CRM, the invitees’ email addresses are checked with CRM Users and Contacts. In the CRM event record, the users and contacts are shown separately under Invitees in the One View widget.


  • While setting up lead form mapping, you can set override values for certain fields. These fields should not be a part of mapping.


  • You can map the Sub Voucher Type field and sync it with Tally to capture all the data to the CRM.

List View

  • In a module’s List view, you can search any record by entering its parent record’s field values.

Phone Calls

  • Using the PHLO console in Plivo, you can set up IVR calls for your customers. You can also provide a list of agents to whom Plivo must direct the call to.


  • From a current record, you can move to the previous or next record by clicking the right and left arrows in the Summary View of the record. You can also use keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+right arrow for the next record and Ctrl+left arrow for the previous record.
  • When you are linking two records, you have an option to copy the address of the other record in the current record. For example, if you wish to link an organization to a contact record, you can overwrite the contact's address with the organization's address by clicking ‘Yes’ in the confirmation pop-up window.
  • You can rearrange the widgets on the right-side panel of a record. You can change their placements by going to Settings > Module Layouts & Fields > Relationships, and drag & drop the widgets.

User Image

  • You can edit your image in your CRM account by going to the User Menu on the top right corner of the screen and clicking the Pencil icon on your image.


  • You can add Additional Hidden Fields in Webforms Settings in the CRM.
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