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January 2023

Lavanya R
13 Feb, 2023 - Updated 1 year ago
Table of Contents

Release 1 (

New Feature(s)

Add-on Publisher

  • You can build, configure, and package custom modules, extensions, and custom behaviors using the Add-on Publisher. You can also create domain-specific solutions and publish them to the Vtiger Marketplace.


Billing Page

  • You can edit the Country field on the Billing Details page only for the first time. This will help you avoid adding the currency multiple times for a country.

Dependent Fields

  • You can now set dependency rules, conditions, and actions and modify the Dependency Fields/Block. When you click on a record, matching results are displayed based on the conditions you have given.
  • You can now (Read - view) and (Write - edit) the results that are displayed.
  • For example, when you set: 
    • Condition - If Lead Source is equal to Cold Call 
    • Action - Show(Read+Write)
    • Dependency Field - First Name 
  • A result is displayed matching the above conditions, and you can view and edit the result.

Email Templates

  • You can now publish Email Templates in Vtiger Marketplace. 
  • The published templates will then be available from the  Add-Ons page to download and use them.
  • This is available only in the Developer edition.

Kanban View

  • In the Kanban View, some of the fixed fields appearing on the top will now be displayed according to the layout sequence editor.  
  • In the Module Layout and Fields, you can interchange the position of the fields using the drag-and-drop option.
  • When you click on the collapse arrow, the fields will be displayed as per the layout sequence editor.
  • Fields like Amount, Expected closed date, Related To, and Assigned To will be fixed on the top and will not follow the layout sequence.


  • You can now enable or disable the Show Response option in LMS Quiz. This will help students see the number of correct and wrong answers once they complete the quiz.

Mobile App

  • Price books are now available in the Mobile app. You can now make the following changes in the Pricebook:
    • You can link or unlink multiple products and services, once the Price book record is created.
    • You can now edit the selling price of the Pricebook.
    • You can change the Pricebook currency.
  • You can now enable the roll-up toggle to view the internal comments/updates, touchpoint emails, and WhatsApp messages in the Detail View of the Activity section.
  • In Delivery Notes, 
    • If a sales order is selected, the product related to it will be displayed.
    • If there is no sales order, you can now create a sales order to select it.
  • Barcode scanning is now available on the mobile app. You can now identify the right product by scanning the barcode.

Phone Calls

  • You can now assign more than one number to a user or group based on your business requirements.
  • A dialer option is now available for the Asterisk and Generic gateway. You can also write and save notes during a call.
WhatsApp Integration
  • You can now support related module fields in the WhatsApp template. The Related field is visible only when the selected module has at least one relationship field. 
  • For example, If you select the Contact module, the Account Name, and Relation fields like Website, Phone, Employees, Revenue, and other fields will be available.                                             
  • For the Deals module, you can select Contact or Organization module field.

Release 2 (

New Feature(s)


  • A new integration allows you to sync Contacts and Deals between Pipedrive and Vtiger CRM.



  • Similar Records are available in the Deals and Organizations modules. The One View > Similar Record widget displays all the records with similar keywords.
  • A Similar Record Stopwords tab is added in the Calculus Settings page, where you can add the word that generates multiple records in the Stopword Settings. This will stop showing the records with similar keywords.
  • Once added, a zero-frequency cron will be scheduled, and you will not be able to see the Similar Records.

Duplicates Form

  • The Select Field is now renamed to Select Matching Field in the Duplicates Form.

Duplicate Merge

  • You can merge up to twenty-five records in all the modules simultaneously. Earlier, you could merge only three records.
  • When you select the records you want to merge, you can click the More icon and find the merge selected record option in the drop-down.

Edition Limits

  • The limits for the following have increased in the Developer’s Edition:
    • Custom fields - 50 
    • Custom reports - 200
    • Report columns - 25
    • Scheduled workflows - 25
    • Scheduled reports - 50
    • Workflows - 100
    • Multi-path workflows - 50

Inventory Add-ons

  • The following Inventory Add-Ons have been added to the Product-related screens:
    • Delivery Notes
    • Receipt Notes
    • Credit Notes
    • Bills 
    • Work Orders
    • Sales Return
    • Purchase Return
    • Stock Reservation
  • When one of the above is created from a related module, it will appear in the respective product’s related tab.
  • The add-ons appear in the right panel.
    • When you click on an Add-on, it opens as a pop-up on the same page.
    • You can also open these add-ons in a new tab using the New Tab icon.
    • You can display a pop-up with a list of records using the Expand icon.


    • You can now link an amount to multiple Invoices. You can only link to those payment records with the Status as Received.  
    • You must take care of currency and conversion while linking and un-linking the Invoice.


    • You now have URL-based authorization for outgoing calls in the Generic Gateway configuration. Generic Gateway is a service provider similar to Twilio, Plivo, and Exotel.
    • The URL will return a response that is used when sending an outgoing call request.
    • For example, the token URL will return the access_token in response. This access_token can be used in the request header or parameter.
    • When you are creating a Playbook action with delay, the start date was not considered as per the delay date and time. 
    • You can now add duration and delays based on the business hours you have set up in the CRM.


    • You can now change the owner’s name for a report provided you are an Admin user. 
    • For example, when an employee leaves a company, you can assign the reports they have generated to a different owner.

    SMS Gateway

    • You can now send messages from multiple Gateways by activating them. 
    • You can enable one provider as a Default Provider in the SMS Provider Configuration.
    • VTAP now supports APIs for new call requests based on the previous response.
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