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March 2023

Bindu Rekha Babu
23 Mar, 2023 - Updated 8 months ago
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Release 1



  • Myanmar currency, Kyats, is now available in the CRM. 
  • You can add the currency in Settings > Currencies and set it as a default if required from the Preferences page.
  • When selecting the currency fields, you can see the currency in the Currency field (record detail and edit view).

Feature Guide windows

  • Remember the feature guide pointers that pop up when you log in to the CRM. 
  • You can now close the window by clicking anywhere on the screen!

Field Masking

  • Customer information like phone numbers or email addresses must be secured for either business or regulatory compliance purposes. 
  • You can now secure sensitive information by masking the relevant fields in the CRM. You can mask these fields using the Mask option in the Modules and Layout editor. Masked values are displayed with special characters.
  • Note: Only admin users can see full value always, with No masking for them. If other users want to view these sensitive details, you can enable the View Masked fields option in the User Management > Profiles page.
  • Reports - Masked fields will be displayed with special characters (masked) if non-admin users export this data to a report.
  • Call pop-up - Click to call option is enabled for masked numbers, but numbers are not displayed in the call popup.
  • Emails - The email option is available with the masked email address while drafting or sending an email.​​​​​​

Invoices - Due Date

  • Are you creating an invoice or a purchase order from a sales order? 
  • Then remember, if you do not add the due date, the date field will be copied automatically from the due date set in the sales order.
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