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August 2023

Bindu Rekha Babu
11 Dec, 2023 - Updated 5 months ago
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Release 2



  • Outgoing emails in bounced status will display the reason for the bounce.

Phone Calls

  • For Generic gateways, the urlencode of data is supported in the outgoing call request.

Release 1

New Feature

QR Code Add-on

  • The QR Code will be available as a read-only image in the CRM. It will contain information like record ID, module name, record label, and record number.
  • You can use the QR Code to search for records in the CRM or the Vtiger CRM Mobile app to autofill reference field values, etc. You can also use the code in the Global Search to open a record directly in a new tab/preview in the CRM. 
  • You can manage permissions, decide where to display the code, and also choose to use it as a part of other CRM screens like Email Templates, Print Templates, etc.
  • The QR Code Add-on can be installed from the Vtiger Extension Store. 
  • Upon installation, the QR Code Field Type will be available in the Add Custom Field drop-down. You will have to add this field with the required parameters and configure it. 
  • You can create a QR Code field for any module. The QR Code will be visible only in the Detail view of a record. You can also preview, print, or download the QR code.
  • Limitations
    • Only one QR Code can be added to each module.
    • QR Code is restricted in the Item Details block of Inventory modules.
    • After adding the QR Code, only you can disable or delete the QR Code.


Audit Template

  • You can now assign an Audit Form to an Organization when you create an Audit Template.
  • Selecting an Organization will assign the form to the Group associated with the organization.

Detail and Edit Views 

  • UI Changes - You now have the collapse option for the Sections sidebar (on the left) for a record in all modules.

Live Chats 

  • Disabling an agent in one Tracker won’t disable the agent from another Tracker.

SMS Campaigns for Sales Professional Edition

  • SMS Campaigns is now available for Sales Professional and Sales Enterprise Editions users.
  • It will be available in your instance once you install it from the Extension Store.

Tally Integration

  • The Sub-Voucher field for Invoices and Sales Orders in Vtiger is now available as a Picklist field.  
  • The CRM fetches Sub-Voucher type values from your Tally account and displays them as Sub-Voucher picklist values.

WhatsApp Templates in the Events Module

  • You can create a WhatsApp template for the Events module and use these to send WhatsApp messages to your customers from your Event record. 
  • When you are creating a WhatsApp template, just select the Events module from the Module drop-down list. 
  • Consider this example. XCare is a healthcare clinic that uses Vtiger CRM. They want to send WhatsApp messages to their patients to confirm appointments. If an appointment is created in Events, then XCare front desk employees can send a confirmation message via WhatsApp to customers from the Appointment record.
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