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July 2023

Release Notes for the month of July.
Bindu Rekha Babu
11 Dec, 2023 - Updated 4 months ago
Table of Contents

Release 2

New Feature(s)

Quotas and Targets (for any module)

  • You can now set quotas or targets on any field in any module from the Targets module. Targets will help your sales team track targets on metrics other than revenue. It could be product quantity, number of calls made, etc. (Task)
  • You can also add a quota on product quantity. You can add a quota if you have someone in a subordinate role reporting to you.
  • By default, you will be able to add targets for the following:
    • Quota on Deals (Product, Category, Quantity)
    • Quota on Deals (Product, Category, Amount)
    • Any custom field in the Deal module  (For example, # of total students)
    • Activity Count (# of Completed Demos, # of Emails sent, # of Calls made, # of Cases closed)
  • Here are a few sample cases:
    • Grain Consultant supplies food to the poultry industry. A sales manager can set the target for the sales rep to sell 100 kgs of food packets monthly. They can now track the sales rep's performance in the number of kilograms that were sold each month
    • A training Company can assign targets on the number of training sessions needed in a month. 
    • Tring Phones, a mobile phone retail store, can assign targets in the product quantity sold to customers for a specific brand.
  • The Targets module is available in the following Vtiger editions
    • Available in One Growth & One Professional for $95 - 1 Target
    • Available in One Enterprise edition for free - 1 Target


Customer Portal

  • Two-step authentication for customer portal login.
  • When customers try to log in to the customer portal, an OTP will be sent to their registered email ID. Here, the password is step 1, and the OTP will be step 2.

Inbox (Gmail and Outlook/Microsoft accounts)

  • OAuth has been enabled for SMTP Outgoing server and Inbox (IMAP sync) configuration for public email service providers like Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo.
  • While configuring the SMTP details (username and password), you can now use the OAuth login feature for app-specific passwords.

Quickbooks Online

  • Do you have products in the Bundle product type in Quickbooks? 
  • Then, you will be able to sync the Bundle product type in Vtiger to the bundle in Quickbooks if the product has the same name.
  • Invoices then will sync from Vtiger to Quickbooks with the bundle product info.

Summary View - Activity section (UI change)

  • The Updates option under Filters has been moved up the list to help you select the filter easily.

Web service endpoint for email campaigns 

  • You can perform CRUD operations on email campaigns using web services.

Xero connection

  • If your instance is undeployed, then Xero integration with Vtiger will be disconnected (revoked).

Release 1


Vtiger Mobile CRM App

  • You can now create or edit records in the offline mode of Vtiger Mobile CRM.

WhatsApp + Twilio integration 

  • If you have integrated WhatsApp and Twilio with Vtiger CRM, you can send both textual and image content to your customers. 
  • You will first need to get approval from WhatsApp for your media templates before you can use them in Vtiger CRM.
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