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May 2023

Release Notes for the month of May
Bindu Rekha Babu
18 Aug, 2023 - Updated 3 months ago
Table of Contents

Release 2 -

New Feature

Live Chat Plugin for Instagram Direct Messaging (DM)

  • You can now respond and respond to direct messages from Instagram from the Live Chat console. 
  • This add-on lets your live chat agents respond directly to customer messages from Instagram without having to leave the Live Chat console. (Task)
  • Details:
    • Live Chat Add-on
    • Fees: $15 per month


Billings Page

  • One Pilot and One Growth editions will now be displayed on the Billing page.
  • If you have signed up before 2021-02-03, you can change your plan to One Pilot or One Growth using Billing Page > Subscription block > Change Plan. 

Calculus AI with GPT Features

  • Calculus AI now comes with the GPT feature by default. All you need to do is install Calculus AI.
  • You will be able to add 10,000 free tokens (once). You can use the GPT Token Booster to increase the tokens after you have used up the first 10,000.
  • Note: GPT tokens will not be deducted for /commands. 

Calendar View for all Modules 

  • Calendar View is now available for all those modules with a Date or Datetime field. 
  • The Calendar View module will be available as an add-on in the Extension Store. 
  • On installation, the Calendar View icon will be displayed in all the modules with the Date and Date Time fields.


  • Inbox will display the Date and Time for each email you receive. 
  • They will now display the following: 
    • For emails received today - Shows only the received time (10:20 AM)
    • For emails received earlier this year - Shows date and time (25 Apr, 8:35 PM)
    • For emails received from previous years - Shows the full date (24/01/2021)

Lead Creation from Incoming Messages

  • You can now create a lead from incoming SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram messages if the Lead module is enabled.
  • The message sender is created as a lead only if a contact is not found in the CRM, and all incoming messages will be linked to the same lead.
  • Note:
    • Message senders will be created Contacts as default with the Contact Type as Lead.
    • If a Lead or Contact is already present, the SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram DM, Twitter, or Website is added to the related record.

MS Teams

  • Opening a record in the mobile MS Teams app will open the record in full detail view.
  • Search, and the extension search of records will display records in Detail View.
  • Clicking on a record in the List View will also display the full Detail View.

Menu Search

  • Configuration editor is now available in the main Menu search field.


  • Duplicate record creation is now eliminated in Quickbooks Sync. 
  • The product ID is now added as a suffix to the product name to avoid the creation of duplicate records.

Quotes - Adding Multiple Items

  • Want to add multiple items to a purchase or a sales order from a quote? 
  • Here are your options if you want to add more than five items: 
    • Option 1: Select multiple items to delete while creating a Purchase Order.
    • Option 2: Select the related Vendor in the Line Item of a quote, and while converting the Quote to PO, create different Purchase Orders for different Vendors.
  • A pop-up will display: 
    • Available items for you to select when you are creating an inventory record, either from an inventory record or from non-inventory modules like contacts, organizations, and vendors.
    • Sections and the sections to be copied to the record being created if you are creating an inventory record from another inventory record.

Scheduled Process Support

  • You can now schedule processes in the Process Designer (similar to workflows) with a trigger called Time Interval. 
  • You can set up the trigger at different time intervals - Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. The following options are available for the trigger: 
    • Frequency - Daily, Weekly, Monthly
    • At time - when the process has to run
    • On these days - day of the week or day of the month, depending on the frequency
  • You can set the number of actions to 10 per process. 

Time logs

  • As an Admin, you can now restrict users from manually adding the time spent and allow users to create time logs using the timer.
    • Admins, for a given profile, can limit the number of time logs that can be created only via the timer. Users can start and end the timer to create a time log automatically.
    • Admins, for a different profile, can allow users to create time logs manually, where they will set the start and end time and time spent (if enabled in the profile).

Xero Integration

  • Services data now syncs from Vtiger to Xero when you add services to an invoice. 

Release 1 -

New Feature(s)

One Growth Edition

  • Vtiger’s One Growth edition bridges the gap between One Pilot and One Professional. Details are:
    • Users limit: 10
    • USD Price: $15 per user monthly ($12 annual) 
    • India Price: 910 (700)

Calculus AI - NLQ Record Summary

  • You can now fetch summary information on records or users using the Calculus AI prompt or WhatsApp. 
  • You can use this command to fetch information > Type /sm, followed by the module name and the record name.

Chat GPT Booster & Usage

  • You can now integrate GPT with Vtiger CRM and use GPT Tokens for AI-generated content such as emails, chat responses, and articles, and to get AI-generated summaries of chats, emails, and more. 
  • Chat GPT is now available as a Booster Add-on in the Vtiger Marketplace. 
  • Chat GPT Usage Booster is available in Settings > Calculus > GPT Usage.
  • To use GPT features, you need the Calculus AI add-on.

Chat GPT 

  • The Rephrase and Summary actions in Chat will help you enhance your conversations. 
  • The Rephrase icon in Reply and Private Note will help you create precise and concise sentences. This will provide clarity to the conversations you have with your customers. 
  • The Summary icon in Private Note will display a summary of the conversation. The summary will not display personal information such as email IDs and phone numbers mentioned by the customer or the agent. 


365 SSO from mobiles for your CRM accounts

  • You can now sign into Office 365 from your mobile phone.

Actions Module

  • You can now send desktop notifications to specific team members when:
    • Organization records are updated.
    • Quotes are created for specific organizations.
    • Actions are performed on those quotes.
    • Other records are created for those organizations.
    • Changes are made to an Organization record.
    • Changes are made to related contacts, quotes, and related deals of an organization record.
  • A copy function lets you copy the alerts instead of recreating them. 
  • You also have the option to add individual users and groups who can be notified when creating/editing a smart alert.

Alerts: Email Alert Channels for Contacts and Organizations

  • Email Alert Channels send alerts to Contact owners about incoming emails.
  • Engagement alerts for the Contact sent email option are now available for two alert channels - Desktop and Email. 
  • If you enable the email channel alert, an alert email is sent to the ‘assigned to’ of the Contact. This is also available for Organizations.

Alert Rule

  • Change in rule creation dates. When an alert rule is disabled and re-enabled, the system will not send notifications for old records which were created/modified when the rule was off.
  • For example, let us say you enabled an alert for getting deals assigned to emails on 2nd FEB 2023, disabled it on 5th FEB 2023, and then re-enabled it on 15th FEB 2023. Then no alerts will be sent for records that were created/modified between 5th FEB and 15th FEB.

Deals: Next Action Alert

  • You will now be able to see cases linked to the deal's related contacts - cases created in the last 7 days and cases with the case statuses, new and open.
  • An actionable message will also tell you to - Review the new/open case from Contact Name, Case Title.

Emails: Outgoing

  • The CRM displays information and the reason why an outgoing email fails. It also tells you what needs to be done to fix the issue.

Esign: Recipient Email Field

  • The Recipient Email field is masked for Esign documents (records) created by admins.

Esign Documents and Records 

  • Esign documents and records that you create and directly upload will retain the original name of the document. 
  • This will not apply to internal documents, print templates, or PDFs you send for signatures.

Esign Documents: PDF Edit Option in Print Templates

  • You can customize a Print Template from the Summary view, print, and send the PDF for signature without saving the changes to the Print Template.
  • This means you can customize a Print Template on the fly before sending it to their contacts or before sending it for e-signatures.
  • This option is available when creating an Esign Doc from a record and also after you send the PDF.

Kanban View: Deals 

  • You now have the option to add an event or task to the Kanban View of a deal.
  • The icon in the Deal Card displays pending events and tasks on a deal and lets you add new events.
    • Clicking the icon should show a popup with the first three Events and, if possible, the first three Tasks linked to the deal and an option to Schedule a new Event/Task.
    • The icon is displayed in different colors based on the following -
      • If the event/task is for Today, the icon is green.
      • If the event/task is for the future and not closed, the icon is gray.
      • If the event/task is in the past and not closed, the icon is red. 
      • If there are no pending events/tasks on a Deal, the count is shown as Zero and in yellow.

Kanban View: Support for all Modules

  • Kanban View is now for any module with a picklist/user/status field.
  • When you click the Kanban View icon, the screen will display the following options -
    • View By that supports the card view for the different picklists.
    • Sort By to view details such as Created Time, Modified Time, and Assigned To.

Live Chat

  • Support agents can link or create a case record for a conversation, even after a visitor or customer ends the conversation.
  • Options on the Chat window, such as the option to Add Case or Select Case, are available by clicking More(:) at the top right corner of the Chat Window.

LMS Notifications

  • You won’t be able to send a notification email to the students if the Show Response for a quiz is disabled.

Module Manager: Masking

  • If you try to disable the masking for a module, the CRM displays the following warning messages. 
    • The CRM displays a warning message telling you to remove the masking for fields before disabling the masking module.
    • The CRM displays a warning message about related modules that will be affected and will also display the related modules.

Payments module: Subscriptions

  • When you create a Subscription and set the Mode of Payment to Manual, you can decide to automate the creation of a payment record. This will help you create a payment record only when a payment is received.
  • You will find the following options in the CRM -
    • Generate a Payment record upon Invoice generation
    • Skip the generation of a Payment record upon Invoice creation
  • Note: A Payment record will not be created automatically when you generate an invoice.

Phonecalls module: Click2call option

  • The Click2call option is now available for the Customer Number field.
  • You can now make an outgoing call to the customer number in the Customer Number field in Phonecalls.

Reference fields (with one-to-one relationship)

  • Information will not be automatically filled if you select a type one-to-one relation reference field.
  • For example, if you selected the Contact field earlier, the Organization field would be auto-filled. With this change, the values of one-to-one relationships won’t be copied. If you select a contact field while creating or editing a record, matching reference fields of the selected record won’t be copied to the current record.

SMS Messaging with Twilio

  • Twilio users will now be able to receive (incoming) SMS messages in the CRM. 
  • The incoming message will contain details such as contact or lead name, relationship, and phone number.
  • A notification will also alert you to the received message.

SLAs: For all Modules

  • You can now create SLA policies for the following -  
    • Modules with a status field, and for the condition - the status field is in a Closed state. 
    • Modules with a picklist field that will help you define SLA targets.
  • When you enable an SLA for a module, the SLA Information block is added. You will be able to add information for six SLA fields. (SLA Name, SLA Status, Resolution Due, Resolution Actual, Total Time Elapsed, SLA Time Elapsed)

Stock Management: Status field 

  • You do not have to consider sales and purchase orders in the Closed state to calculate Committed and Incoming stocks.
  • Here are the other options - 
    • Qty in stock increases 
      • When a purchase order is in fully Received or in any other custom closed status.
      • When a receipt note is in Received or in any other custom closed status.
    • Qty in Stock decreases 
      • When a sales order is in the Fully Delivered or any other customer closed status.
      • When the delivery note is in the Delivered or in any other custom closed status.
      • When the invoice is any status except Canceled.
    • Committed Stock increases
      • When a sales order is in New and any other open status.
      • When a sales order is in Fully Delivered and any other closed status.
      • When a delivery note is in Delivered or any other closed status.
    • Incoming Stock increases
      • When a purchase order is in New and any other open status.
      • When a purchase order is in Fully Received and any other closed status.
    • Incoming Stock decreases when a Reived Note is in Received or any other closed status.

Subscriptions Module: Create a Deal Record  

  • You can now create a deal record with Line Items from the Subscriptions module - 30 days before the subscription expiry date.

Workflow from Generic Phone API 

  • Using the generic Phone API, you can now set up a workflow to automatically send an email or a WhatsApp message to a customer when an incoming call is missed. 
  • The generic Phone API triggers a  workflow for every phone call status update or any other update for all phone call gateways.

WhatsApp Multiple Number Connections

  • You can set up multiple numbers for WhatsApp, provided all the numbers are from the same service provider.
  • For example, if you have two numbers from Wablas, you now make both numbers active for WhatsApp and use them for communication.


  • You can embed apps built on VTAP into the CRM iframe.
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