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June 2023

Bindu Rekha Babu
5 Jul, 2023 - Updated 2 months ago
Table of Contents

Release 2

New Feature(s)




  • You set the Dashboard you created as default or remove it as a default screen by simply using the Set as default checkbox.

Detail View

  • The following additional actions have been added to the Detail View of different modules:
    • Inventory modules - Print action.
    • Contacts & Deals - Actions available in the Summary View are now available in the Detail View.
    • Documents - Preview icon(document preview), Share, and More action icons.
    • Other modules - The More and other icons that are available in the Summary View.

eSign Document One View

  • Status and To fields have been added to the default One View in the eSign module.
  • This will provide key details about documents you have sent or received and their status. 
  • For example, if you have sent a quote for approval and signature via eSign, you can see the recipient's name and the document's status (Sent, Processed, Signed, Rejected, etc.).

Live Chats 

  • You can send or receive up to 10 PDF attachments from WhatsApp, Facebook, or Live Chat as a Visitor in a chat conversation window.

Start Guide Pop-up 

  • You will now be able to minimize the Start Guide pop-up.
  • When you expand it again, the pop-up will display the same information and steps as before. 
  • For example, if a user on the Sales Dashboard page opts to minimize the pop-up and then reopen it later, the pop-up will display the steps related to the Sales Dashboard.

Subscription & Invoices

  • Invoices created automatically from subscriptions will display Frequency, Billing Date From, and Billing Date To fields. 
  • For example, if an invoice is automatically generated for XYZ telephone service provider, the invoice will display the Invoice Date, Service Start Date, and End Date fields.

Release 1

New Feature(s)

Configure Pricing Quotes (CPQ)

  •  Vtiger CRM is releasing its Configure Pricing Quotes (CPQ) module, enabling you to configure complex products with a wide range of options in the CRM. 
  • Vtiger CPQ ensures error-free configuration, easy-to-find options or accessories, and guided selling to increase deal value and reduce the sales cycle to deliver Quotes.
  • The CPQ module comes with the following components:
    • Product Family module
      • You can now add related products to a Product Family in the CRM. 
      • For example, an iPhone 14 Pro is a product family with the iPhone available in five colors and four storage sizes. i.e., there could be 20 product variants linked to the iPhone 14 Pro family record.
    • Discounts module (under Inventory)
      • This lets you add discounts to products. This component helps marketing and sales teams increase revenue by making it easy to run promotions and get insights on the promotions driving sales. 
      • You can add the following types of discounts - Buy X get Y, Amount off products (percentage and fixed amount), and Amount off order. 
      • You can also generate reports for Most Used Promotions and Least Used Promotions using this component.
    • Product Rules
      • Available as an Add-on module, the Product Rules feature lets you define and enforce various constraints, conditions, and behaviors related to the configuration and pricing of products.
    • Summary Variables
      • You can use Summary Variables to define advanced computations on selected items in Quotes like average, sum, count, min, and max.
      • It is a dynamic module available only in the Products and Services modules.
    • Product Type and Product Options
      • Product Types are a grouping of similar products to help make product search easier in the CRM. You can now add four Product Types in Vtiger CRM - Solo, Variant, Fixed Bundle, and Flexible Bundle.
      • Product Options allow inventory managers to configure the options that should be available for a flexible product. 


 App Creator 

  • App Creator (App Designer) is now available by default for Learning and Developer editions of Vtiger CRM.


  • You can add OTP validation while creating or scheduling an event/group appointment.
  • You must enter an email ID where the OTP will be sent. You can book an appointment only if you enter a valid OTP.
  • In case you do not receive an OTP the first time, you will be able to resend the OTP.

Calculus AI - Natural Language Query (NLQ) Support

  • You can now create records or display record summaries NLQ commands. This feature uses GPT to extract relevant details from the CRM to create a record.
  • Record Creation 
    • The Ask Calculus AI feature now supports NLQ commands to create a record. You can create contact, task, events, or other records in the CRM. For example:
      • A command like ‘Create a reminder task for John tomorrow at 10 PM for 2 hours.’ will create a task record linked to a contact John, with the exact start and end time.
      • A command like ‘Create a contact with name Ann who is working with Microsoft having the email ID ann@microsoft.com and phone number +919999999999.’, will create a contact record with the name Anne with all details mentioned.
    • Record Summary
      • The Ask Calculus AI feature now supports NLQ to display record summaries. 
      • You can use the /command in the Ask Calculus AI window to display information related to the record. 
      • For example, /sm Deals ACME will display deal records named ACME.

Calculus GPT

  • Vtiger now secures any confidential data you may add to your queries to GPT through Cases and Live Chat. 
  • The CRM removes sensitive data like email IDs and phone numbers from the query you send to GPT but will add them back in the response you receive from GPT.

Cloud Storage Add-on Invoices

  • If a cloud storage invoice is overdue by more than two months, the system displays a notification - Your storage invoice is overdue by more than two months. Please make the necessary payments to enable uploading attachments to the CRM.
  • Payment restrictions on cloud-storage invoices have been set up to suspend accounts if subscribers do not process payments. 
  • Subscribers who have not paid up cloud storage invoices for two months will not be able to:
    • Attach a document or file to a comment
    • Attach a document or file while composing an email
    • Upload a document in the Documents module
    • Upload an image to the Contacts/Org/Leads/Products module or any other module that has an image field

Edit and Preview Options in the Related Record Widget

  • A related record widget will display the More option. 
  • The More option will also display the Edit and Preview options.

Field Sales App

  • The Field Sales app will now display the outstanding credit limit, invoice total, and balance so an outlet owner can place an order on the Order page.
  • For example, if an outlet has a credit limit of $10000, then the outlet can place orders up to $10000 without clearing older bills. The Field Sales app will display the credit limit so the outlet can continue to place orders. 

Global Picklist

  • Saint-Barthélemy is now available as a county in the CRM Global Picklist.

Phone Calls Module: Ozonetel Campaign Name

  • You can now capture the Campaign Name from an inbound call for Ozontel users. 
  • The Campaign Name field in the Vtiger Phone Calls module is mapped to the Campaign Name field in Ozonetell.
  • The campaign name is captured from the Campaign Name field for both Inbound and Outbound calls, including the calls that are not answered.

Product Workflow

  • You can now add a product as a line item when creating an Inventory/Deal record from the Product workflow. 
  • You can create an Inventory record (SO, PO, Invoice, and Quote) from the Products or Services workflow or process. 
  • When you create a Deal (PS Line items enabled) from Products workflows, a product can be added as a line item in the Deal using the Add Product as item option.

QuickBooks Desktop

  • When contacts, vendors, products, and services are synced from Vtiger to QuickBooks, duplicate records will also be linked.

Stock Management

  • The Committed and Incoming stocks will be updated for a product and sub-product on recomputation.


  • Worried about missing a deadline? Not anymore. 
  • You can see the due date for a task when you open a parent task from a related module.
  • You will also see the due date when you open the sub-task in the parent Task.

User Profile Control for Custom Apps

  • You can now set up access to your custom apps based on user profiles. 
  • This is possible since you can add a list of roles when creating an app. These roles will be displayed in a drop-down list while setting up permissions.

Vtiger 360 App

  • Masking is now enabled for Vtiger 360 app. 
  • You will now be able to mask customer-sensitive information. For example, the phone number will be masked in an SMS message. 

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