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April 2023

Summary of April Release Notes
Bindu Rekha Babu
29 May, 2023 - Updated 6 months ago
Table of Contents

Release 1 -

New Feature(s)

Product Stock Updates feature

  • This feature is a part of the Products module and will track product stock updates. It is available as an add-on, and after installation, it will be listed in the Products module as Stock Updates.
  • Details:
    • Listing Name: Product Stock Updates
    • Listing Price: $9 per month

Product Stock Updates report 

  • The report will display the opening and closing balances in stock after each transaction.

Multi-currency Feature

  • The multiple currency feature is available as a Booster Add-on. You can now add various currencies from the Settings > Currencies page.
  • Details
    • Name: Booster Pack for Currencies
    • Price:
      • $4/User/Month for One Professional customer
      • Free for Learning, Developer, & Enterprise editions


Approval Rules in One Professional

  • Vtiger’s One Professional edition will now include Approvals with one approval as the limit

Actions page -Rescheduling an event 

  • Rescheduling an event on the Actions page has just become easier.
  • Rescheduling automatically adjusts the End Date. The End Date will also determine if an Event needs to be displayed as Overdue on the Actions page. 

Alert Notification

  • You can set up alert notifications for the Assigned to field in your emails. So if a contact or an organization sends an email, the email recipient and the email record owner will receive a notification. 
  • This new configuration is available In Actions > Engagements Alerts > Email Alerts as Contact sent an email.
  • The record owner or a contact assigned will be notified via desktop notification whenever a contact sends a new email. 
  • Note: If a CRM user disables the alert (engagement alerts are set at a user level), then the contact will not be notified about the email.

Appointment Page Links from List View and Detail View

  • Want to send the appointment page link in an instant? 
  • The Copy Appointment Page icon in the List View and the Detail View of a contact record allows you to copy the appointment link and send it to your contacts via email, WhatsApp, in the Comments section, etc. 

Construction Add-on

  • The Construction Add-on is available in the Vtiger Marketplace. 
  • It is available as a downloadable zip file at the cost of 250$ per month with a 15-day trial period.
  • It is available only for One Professional and One Enterprise Edition users. 

Customer Portal - Charts

  • The Pie charts in the Customer Portal will display data in the colors chosen (set up) in the Picklist settings.

Dashboard - Custom Charts

  • Confused about the date filters not being applied to your custom charts? 
  • The Info icon within the date filter displays this message - ‘This date filter applicable only for the standard default widgets.’ to clear your confusion.

Dependent Fields - Order of Appearance

  • Dependent fields will always appear in the same order as defined in the module layout. This order will remain the same even after you edit the fields. 


  • You can now mark unassigned emails as Done from the Conversation view of the email.
  • Note: Only owners of the conversation can mark the conversation as Done, Read, Unread, Deleted, Public, or Private. The CRM displays an error message if non-owners try to assign a status

Email Campaigns Reports

  • Email Campaign reports will display module header fields, existing fields, and related data.
  • You will now be able to:
    • Sort, rearrange, add, or delete fields that are present in the Email Campaign metric reports. 
    • Verify reports for email campaigns with these parameters - Click, Open, Sent, Bounce, Unopened, Unsubscribed, and Complaints. 

Global Search

  • Global search is now optimized. 
  • The keyword you use in search will look up the right record, then the related contacts and module records. 
  • For example, if you search for ACME as a keyword, the search will display the ACME record (Org) first, then the related contacts and other module records. 
  • The Deep search will match all the records with the search keyword anywhere in the record. 

Insights Designer

  • Raw Query support is available on an on-demand basis only. 

Kanban View - Search option

  • The Life Cycle Stage drop-down in the Kanban View (Tasks & Deals) now comes with a Search option. 
  • If you have a voluminous list of tasks or deals, you don’t have to waste time looking for life cycle stages. All you have to do is use the Search option. 

MS Teams - Bot Reports 

  • You can now pull up and display reports using the Bot in MS Teams conversations. You can search for specific reports and display related charts in desktop and mobile versions. 
  • You can also send reports in group/team/channel conversations.

Process Designer 

  • You cannot link flows in the Process Designer to multiple loops (infinite loops). The CRM displays an error message - ‘Infinite loop detected in flow. Unable to save…’ if you try to link multiple loops and save the process. 

Product Type field

  • A new field called Product Type is available in Products. It will have the following Picklist Values:
    • Solo
    • Fixed Bundle
    • Variant - If CPQ installed
    • Flexible Bundle - If CPQ installed
  • Note: All existing products without subproducts will be migrated to Solo Type. All existing products having subproducts will be migrated to the Fixed Bundle Type.

Quickbooks Desktop Sync

  • If you are a Quickbooks Desktop user, you can now sync Purchase Orders, Payments, and Vendors modules between Vtiger CRM and Quickbooks (Desktop version). 
  • This integration provides a two-way sync.

Sharing Rules, Profiles, and Roles pages

  • These pages now display information regarding Sharing Rules, Profiles, and Roles, making it easier for you to distinguish each of them. 


  • The length limit for the First name and Last name fields in the Users module has increased to 50 characters. 
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