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February 2023

February Release Notes mentioning any new features and enhancements made to the CRM.
Bindu Rekha Babu
23 Mar, 2023 - Updated 1 year ago
Table of Contents

Release 1 & 2

New Feature

Revenue Schedules in Deals

Certain businesses sell subscriptions to their products and services. The payments are in the form of subscriptions and arrive at different times. The Revenue Schedule feature in the Deals module allows you to schedule the payment (revenue) intervals and amounts of product or service subscriptions. These revenue schedules are then synced to a deal record.

The Revenue Schedule feature allows you to manage your payment schedules and forecast revenues accurately.


Add-ons in the Extension Store

  • Paid add-ons listed in the Extension Store are now available for customers using the trial version of Vtiger CRM. 
  • Trial users will be able to install a Paid add-on (if it is enabled for trial) for the duration of the trial period.

Add-ons Publisher

  • Add-ons publisher now supports:
    • Import and export of pick-list values.
    • Block and field dynamic dependencies for a module.
    • Configuration of the Duplicate Prevention feature. 
    • Creation of processes in the Process Designer from the Add-ons Publisher.
    • The import and export of Closed State configurations to your instance of the CRM.
    • Creation/addition of custom relationships for existing modules.
  • While editing the details for an add-on, the previously added details are displayed in Publish mode for your review.

Booster Pack for Grid Fields - Increase in limits

  • Installing the Booster Pack for Grid fields will allow you one extra grid field for each module at the cost of $5 per additional grid field per month.
  • Booster Packs are available under the Others category in the Add-ons popup.

CRM Login Screen - Personalization

  • It is now possible to customize your Vtiger login screen.
  • As Admin users, you can add custom logos and change the background image or the color of the login page.
  • You can personalize the page with different branding options (including pages) for users. Branding options apply to the entire login experience, including pages where users can verify their identity and reset passwords.


  • The Record Currency and Record Conversion Rate columns in Deals are available only if you have added multiple currencies to your CRM instance. 
  • These fields are disabled (hidden) when the Deal Amount added is in a single currency.

Integration with App Store and Google Play 

  • Have you published an app on the Apple App Store or Google Play? 
  • Integration with the App Store and Google Play will let you view and respond to customer's feedback on your apps directly from the CRM. 
  • You can also use automation rules to create cases based on the rating.


  • Outstanding balances will now be updated in the organization record and displayed in the sync log.

Razorpay Integration

  • Failed payment transactions will automatically create an open case in the Cases module. Transaction details will sync to a case record in the Vtiger Cases module, listing the reason for failed payments. This will help agents fetch the relevant data and call the customers accordingly.

Rest APIs

  • A new field, Availability, will display a customer’s availability status (Online, Offline, or Busy) if you create a contact record using REST APIs. 
  • You can assign the record to the contact/user based on the availability status.


  • The Full Screen icon for a chart in Reports will display additional or extra information. 
  • Hidden elements or numbers will display the +more option to help you display the complete data you generate with a report.

SMS Service - Integration with Unify SMS Service 

  • You can now integrate Vtiger CRM with Unify. 
  • You can use Unify to send SMS messages from the CRM via SMS Gateway Center as the service provider.
  • You will also be able to select SMS message templates to send SMS messages. SMS message template support is available in the CRM.

Stock Management 

  • A new section under Inventory has been added with three new stock fields (Committed, Available, and Incoming).
  • Three new read-only fields are now available in the Products module. 
    • Committed Stock and Available Stock - Available only if the Sales Orders module is enabled.
    • Incoming Stock - Available only if the Purchase Orders module is enabled. 
    • Available stock = Qty in stock - Committed stock.
  • These fields can be updated from the Stock Management page(Settings > Inventory section).
    • You can recompute the values in these fields using the Products > Recompute Stock Values option.
    • You can schedule to recompute the values in these fields in the Inventory > Management page by scheduling a cron.
  • Based on stock management settings, created stock fields are updated whenever records are updated.
  • Related modules affected are Invoices, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Receipt Notes, and Delivery Notes.


  • You can now automate the following actions - create records and send emails based on survey responses using the Actions icon.
  • Whenever a customer takes a survey and clicks the Survey Submit button in Contacts, Accounts, Leads, and Vendors, you can create a record and/or send an email.
  • You can also generate monthly and weekly reports for your surveys.

Tally Integration

  • Duplicate prevention is now enabled for the Sales Orders and Invoices modules to ensure there is no duplication of sales orders after the Tally-Vtiger sync process.


  • You can now create tables from an API in VTAP and use CRUD operations for these tables.
  • The VTAP Tables feature allows you to create, update, and delete tables just like any SQL table. You can add, update, and delete data in these tables and use them like spreadsheets. 
  • You can use these tables to store data for many use cases, such as:
  • Storing data coming from other applications.
  • Pushing CRM data, like log data or user-specific data.
  • You can use these tables with the Insights Designer and visualize the data in charts and pivot tables.
  • VTAP Tables can be accessed from our REST APIs as well as VTAP Javascript APIs.
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