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How do the Live Chats work?

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From the Live Chats conversation window, you can:
  • Respond to direct messages from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Generate contacts and leads
  • Look up CRM records for information
  • Track chat conversations
  • Upload and share documents
  • Generate insights and reports for support
Apart from customer conversations, you can also do the following from the Live Chat window: 
  • Contact and lead capture - Generate leads or create contacts when someone visits your website and is interested in the product.
  • Display CRM records - Access CRM records related to the customer you are chatting with.
  • Chat tracking and assignment - Track the chats handled by your team and assign them by creating cases if required.
  • Knowledge Base - Use Knowledge Base to send help articles and FAQs to the customers to help them find CRM solutions.
  • Reporting and analytics - Generate reports and analyze team performance with chat insights.
To use Live Chats, you will need to install the Vtiger Live Chat add-on from the Vtiger Extension store.

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