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How do I navigate the Live Chats module?

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The Live Chats module in Vtiger CRM provides a centralized interface for managing, tracking, and engaging in live chat conversations with website visitors or customers. It offers essential features and functionalities to streamline communication, provide real-time support, and maintain a comprehensive record of chat interactions within the CRM system.

Let's divide the Live Chat screen into three sections into the following: 
Section One
Following are the actions in the left section:
  • Conversation Filters: You can filter conversations such as All, My, New, and Open Conversations.
  • Channel Filters: You can filter incoming chat channels like All, Facebook, Instagram, and more.
  • Chats tab: Displays a list of new incoming chats. Once you select a chat, the chat status changes to Open.
  • Agents tab: Displays a list of online agents.

Section Two
You can see the live chat conversation in the center section. 
Following are the actions in the center section:
  • Open icon: Opens the chat transcript in a new tab.
  • Tags: Allows you to add a tag to the chat.
  • More: Give you a list of options like Transfering a chat, scheduling a conference, adding a case, and more.
  • Reply tab: You can enter the required response in the field provided.
    • Rephrase: Click to rephrase the entered response with the help of AI.
    • Attachment: Click to add an attachment.
    • Send: Click to send the entered response.
  • Private tab: You can send a private response in the live chat to keep the data confidential.
Section Three
Following are the actions in the right section:
  • Templates: You can select from the list of response templates available.
  • View Transcripts: You can view the list of older live chats.
  • Agent Status: Displays a list of statuses. Select one from the list that best describes your status. 
  • Related tab: Displays One View by default. One View displays all the details related to the customer in one place.
Other Related tabs: Hover over the related tab to view documents and locations related to the customer.
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