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What are Chat Insights?

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Live Chats has a feature called Chat Insights that enables you to track the performance of your agents. You can help them improve their response and grammatical skills and create reports. This will help you retain your current clients.
Chat Rating and Metrics
If you open the Summary View of any chat record, you will find an Analysis widget on the right open at all times. This widget shows a summary of the conversation.
Client Rating and Feedback
The client will be prompted in the website widget to provide a rating and feedback. That information will be stored here. 
Note: Based on the rating given by the client, an emoticon will appear beside the chat number in the Summary View, which indicates the health of the conversation. 
Reviewer Rating and Notes
A reviewer can also rate the conversation and write some notes to the agent here after going through the chat transcript and the chat metrics. This will be very helpful to the agent to avoid certain errors in the future.
Chat Metrics
These metrics are automatically calculated by the system, which summarizes the entire conversation. It displays the details listed below:
  • Client Message Count: Displays the number of words sent by the client.
  • Agent Message Count: Displays the number of words the agent sends.
  • First Response Time: Displays the time duration the agent takes to provide the first response to the client’s query.
  • Avg Response Time: Displays the average time the agent takes to respond to the client.
  • Max Response Time: Displays the maximum time the agent takes to respond to the client.
  • Duration: Displays the overall duration of the chat from start time to end time.
Note: Metrics that can be tracked via reports. Following are a few such reports:
  • Agent performance charts
  • Volume by the time of day
  • Average response times by agent
  • Caseload by the time of day + more charts
  • First and Average response time, Client and Agent message count in the conversation are automatically calculated and summarized in the Chat Insights module. 
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