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January 2022

Get details about the Features and Enhancements released in January 2022!
Shreya Kulkarni
11 Feb, 2022 - Updated 1 year ago
Table of Contents

Release 1


Deal Room

  • The Deal Room feature is available for the Deals module for every Deal record. It serves as a collaboration tool between the users and the customers. It lets all associates virtually connect and discuss on one platform.

Process Designer 

  • The Process Designer module provides a graphical interface to design business workflows. It provides a well-equipped flowchart tool designer to create systematic workflows.


All Modules

  • In the List View, when you click the  Settings icon, the Customize option displays a list of all customizable module settings for Admins. The following is available under Customize:
    • Fields and Layout
    • Workflows
    • Picklist fields
    • Approvals
    • Webforms
    • Customized Numbering
    • Other module-specific settings
  • In the List View the Export to Google Spreadsheet option is provided to export a record to a new or an existing Google Spreadsheet.
  • The Detailed View of a record displays Profile icons of three Active Users in the header section.
    • Clicking +more displays the rest of the Active users.


  • An option to insert Youtube, Vimeo, etc videos in the article editor via video URL is available.
  • Inserted videos play in the published article pages only.


  • The Department field is by default mapped when Contacts records are synced from Google to Vtiger CRM.

Email Campaigns 

  • In the Email Template content section, address-block is added allowing subscribers to whitelist a sender's email address.


  • Once you select a Start Date & Time value the End Date & Time value will be automatically selected.


  • Razorpay payment gateway feature is introduced for Indian customers which is available under Inventory settings under Payments & Subscriptions.

Sales Return and Purchase Return

  • The Return Reason field is added at the line item level.
  • When the Sales Return and Purchase Return are installed from Delivery Notes and Receipt Notes respectively Allow linking to closed states option in the Module Fields & Layout settings page is enabled by default.

Short URL

  • The Category dropdown and the Edit option are added for the Generate Google Analytics URL window.
  • The Copy icon is provided for the Website URL and Short URL fields.

SLA Time Elapsed

  • This field is available:
    • In the Print Template for the Calendar module.
    • For the Tasks module under Details under SLA Information.


  • You will now be able to perform a two-way sync for multiple companies between Vtiger CRM and Tally.


  • An option to create Single App and Light Agent User Types is now allowed for users with CRM user limit - one.

Release 2



  • The Cancel Approval button will be displayed for every approval request on the Actions page.


  • In the Detailed View under Service Details selecting Service type will display the pop-up ‘Would like to update the Rate with the value from the selected service?’.
    • Users may choose Yes or No. 
    • If Yes, the Rate will be auto-filled.
    • If No, the Rate will not be auto-filled.

Cases and Internal Tickets

  • In the One View, Related Cases lists all the open cases and sorts based on SLA Due.
  • In the Conversation View clicking Select Email Template by default directs you to Search by Template Name on the Email Templates window.

Cases, Contacts, and Deals

  • In the Summary View clicking the More icon under Reach out now Send Appointment Link option is available.

Cases, Deals, and Internal Tickets

  • In the Detailed View under System Details, time spent in each stage is available as a field.
  • Time spent in each stage field is available for:
    • The Workflows module under Conditions.
    • The Reports module under Properties, Filters - Conditions, and Charts.
    • The modules with metric picklist fields such as Deals, Contacts, Leads, Calendar(Tasks), ProjectTask, Cases, InternalTickets, and Work Orders.
    • The Exported file, Print templates, and Email templates.

Contacts and Leads

  • In the Detailed View under Consents, the following fields are added:
    • Stop Processing Request Time
    • Data Erasure Request Time
    • Data Erased Time
    • Data Erasure Deadline
    • Consents Last Updated Time
    • Trash Deadline Extended
    • Trash Deadline Extension Reason
  • Under Consents Settings, the ‘Data Erasure Time’ field is added.
    • This field is provided with a 1-30 days dropdown to select the timing.
  • Data Erasure Request Time and Consents Last Updated Time is updated when a request is submitted from the Preference page followed by an email confirmation.
  • The Data Erasure Deadline is extended for another 60 days.
    • Once the user chooses to extend the Data Erasure Deadline choosing or mentioning an appropriate reason an email will be triggered to the user on the same.


  • In the Deal Room under Files, CRM users will not be able to upload documents.

Email Campaigns

  • Buy one-time credits and Change Plan options are disabled for users on trial.

Email Templates

  • Display Template Builder tab for every template.
    • For an existing template, the message "Template builder is not available because the template was created from scratch or from HTML" will be displayed.


  • The Undo and Finish buttons will be displayed to Import users as well as Admin users.
    • Automatic Finish will happen only when Undo action is not available.


  • For Group mailboxes, Profile icons of three Active Users are displayed in the header section of the emails.
    • Clicking +more displays the rest of the Active users.
  • Under My Mailbox Setup for the 2-way sync Setup if users enter their Gmail personal accounts, Gmail personal accounts are not allowed to configure gmail 2 way message will be displayed.

Module Management

  • On the Module Layouts & Fields settings page, the new field Formula is available under:
    • Create Custom Field window as a Select Field Type dropdown (available by clicking +Add Custom/New Field).

Process Designer

  • The Email Templates field is added for an Email Task type. 


  • In the Summary View, under More, clicking the Print icon, clicking the Customize button will take you to the Edit View of the template where you can edit the template.


  • Under Details, the Description field is added. 
  • The Description field is added as a column in the List View with search functionality. 
  • When you Schedule a Report its Description will be displayed in the email. 
  • Under Details, selecting Deals module, under Filters, under All/Any Conditions, in the Select a field dropdown, Line Item fields for Deals module are now available.


  • For Twitter under Search Streams, In the Add Search Stream window, on choosing the Twitter account, the Lists button is provided as a search criterion. 
    • Selecting Lists displays all existing Lists available for the chosen Twitter account and allows you to choose a List and Search Stream.
    • You can Add users to your list, Edit and Delete Lists only that you have created.


  • Once you select a Start Date & Time value automatically a greater Due Date & Time value will be selected.


  • The Charges and Taxes on Charges will not be applied to the multiple Delivery Notes and Receipt Notes generated from Sales Orders and Purchase Orders.
  • The Contacts added for an Event on Vtiger CRM are now syncing on Google Calendar.
  • The Edit & Export, Email with PDF Print, Save As PDF buttons will not be displayed in the Print/Export PDF window when there are no active templates available for the modules.
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