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December 2022

Bindu Rekha Babu
10 Jan, 2023 - Updated 1 year ago
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Release 2 (


Summary View: Separate scroll bars 

  • You now have separate scrolls for the Activity and Widget sections of the Summary.
  • This is an efficient way of viewing data.

Workflow: Day and Date format options

  • You can add different date formats to a workflow. You can also choose to display the day along with the date or just the date.
    • For example:
      • The day_of_date (date_field) -> day_of_date(29-05-2020) will display Friday.
      • The date_format(expected_closed_date, mm-dd-yyyy) -> In this case, if the date is 2nd Jun 2020, the output will be 06-02-2020.
    • The following date formats are supported in the CRM:
      • dd-mm-yyyy
      • mm-dd-yyyy
      • yyyy-mm-dd
      • dd/mm/yyyy
      • mm/dd/yyyy
      • yyyy/mm/dd
      • dd.mm.yyyy
      • mm.dd.yyyy
      • yyyy.mm.dd
      • yyyymmdd
      • mmddyyyy
      • Ddmmyyyy

Workflow: Search with the Replace string option

  • You can look up data using the Replace string (replace(field, s, r)).

Workflow: Update Purchase cost field

  • Admin users can use a custom function to update the Purchase cost field in Products from a purchase order (PO) and a bill.
  • Admins can select the custom function when creating a workflow for a PO.  
  • This function updates the Purchase Cost for all the Items selected in the PO/Bill.
  • This function is available for Purchase Orders and Bills modules.
  • The Item's Purchase Cost is based on the following formula - Purchase Cost (Price) = ((Qty*List price)-Item level discount)/ Qty.

Purchase Orders: Create Purchase Orders automatically from Products

  • The CRM will automatically create a PO based on a new field, Reorder Qty in Products.
  • How it works:
    • The Reorder Level field, Reorder Qty, and Vendor Name fields are not empty
    • The Qty in stock of the Product is less than the ReOrder Level. field
    • If the above two conditions are satisfied, the system checks for open POs for all the products,
    • If no open POs exist, the system creates a PO for such products.

Release 1 (


SMS Integrations

  • You can now integrate Vtiger CRM with the below SMS gateways (Service providers) to send and receive SMSs to and from your customers directly on your CRM screens:
    • Kaleyra
    • SMS Gateway Center

SMS Templates 

  • The SMS Templates module is now available in the CRM. You will now be able to use these templates to create sms messages sent to customers.


API Designer

  • While enabling a REST API from API Designer, you will now be able to add @value request parameters (for any parameter value). 
  • For example, you can add a @headervalue parameter like @identifier, @managerName, etc.

Booster Pack for 1000 records

  • The 1K Records Booster Pack is now available.
  • You can now increase the limit by 1,000 records by purchasing this booster add-on. For example, to increase the limit by 5,000 records, you will need to purchase five quantities of this add-on.


  • You can now link your Google documents to Vtiger CRM from the ‘Shared with me’ folder on your Google Drive.
  • Here is the path: +Add > Link > Google Drive > Browse > Shared with me 

Edition Limits

  • You will now be able to view the limits for your edition of Vtiger CRM under Settings > Configuration > Your Edition Limits page.
  • The page displays the following: 
    • Feature - Name
    • Edition Limit - The Standard edition limit
    • Your CRM Limit - The overall edition limit, i.e., the edition limit + increased limits retrieved by installing booster packs
    • Current Usage Limit - The current usage
    • Buy More - Helps you with a booster pack link is available for it

Feature Limit Alerts for your Edition

  • Upon reaching the upper limits for a feature, the CRM will display an alert for Admin and Non-Admin users.
    • Admin users can either upgrade their edition or buy the booster pack directly.
    • Non-admin users need to contact their admins to add more limits.

Live Chats

  • You can add three users for free to the Live Chats feature from Settings > Websense > Widgets > Agents.
    • To add four or more users, you must enable the Booster Pack for Live Chat Agent from Add-ons.

Print Templates - Not Approved watermark

  • The Not approved watermark is now available in Print Templates for the following Approval statuses: Not Submitted, Rejected, and Waiting for Approval.
  • The watermark is displayed: 
    • In the preview of the record
    • In the print template sent to an approver via Approval action
    • In a PDF attached to an email, and the email is sent via a workflow
    • In the Mobile preview
    • The watermark is not applicable or displayed when the approval status is or changes to Approved, Auto Approved, and Not Applicable.

Print Templates - Page format

  • The screen displays the width and height in millimeters when creating a print template under Print Templates > Page Format > Custom > PDF Setup.

SMS Templates

  • While creating an SMS template for a module, Merge Fields now displays fields related to the chosen module.
  • For example:
    • If you select the Contacts module, related fields for the contact record like Website, Phone, Employees, Revenue, and other fields will be displayed.
    • If you select the Deals module, related fields from the Contact or Organization module will be displayed. 

UI update - Events

  • The Recurrence Details section has been redesigned for an Events record.


  • Pinning your favorite module
    • You now have the option of pinning your favorite modules in the top bar of the Dashboard. It will save time on clicks on navigation. You can:
      • Right-click a favorite module in the top bar to open it in a new tab.
      • Unpin it by clicking the pin icon.
  • Searching for a product name
    • You can use the % character in the search string while searching for a product or a service in the Products or Services modules.
    • Using the % in the search string helps you display multiple search results related to the product or service.
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