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June 2022

Lavanya R
24 Aug, 2022 - Updated 1 year ago
Table of Contents

Release 1 (


Bulk SMS Gateways

  • You will now be able to send SMSes in bulk from Bulk SMS Trail accounts.

Customer Portal

  • You can now attach files during case creation in the Customer Portal.
  • You can also see the related fields which you can add or enable under Settings > Configuration > Customer Portal.

Email Campaigns

  • You can now view metrics for a campaign. 
  • The campaign metric count such as bounces, unsubscribes, and complaints can be viewed.

Email Templates

  • The following templates are now included as add-ons:
    • Insurance plan
    • Insurance plan1
    • Real estate plan
    • Real estate plan1
    • Place Orders
    • Father’s Day Wishes
    • Healthcare plan
  • You can install this new add-on from the extension store.


  • A Reconnect button is now provided in the reauthorization process for Facebook.
  • When you close and open the app, you remain logged in. In cases, where you are logged out of the app and want to avoid entering the credentials again to log in, a Reconnect button is now added to log in immediately.
  • When you have multiple pages to log in to, you can use the Edit Settings button to modify the settings of that particular page or you can choose to Continue as the same user.


  • You can now have access to emails using the Split View in Inbox as the content will be displayed on the right side of the email while you also have access to other emails. 
  • You can save time by avoiding multiple clicks on the emails as earlier in the List view.

Landing Pages

  • You will now be able to add text in bulleted points and numbered lists while creating a page using the Landing Pages feature.

My Preferences

  • 2- digit grouping pattern is now available for Users and Print templates under My Preferences. 
  • The new 2-digit pattern 12,34,56,78,90 is now supported for decimal and currency fields as this can be easily readable when formatted.

Notification Center

  • The alert message for meeting reminders is now changed.
  • The alert message will pop up when the start date and time are less than or equal to 60 mins.


  • Tooltip texts are now added to different features in the Dashboard for first-time time users who visit the modules and models to help users learn about the UI.


  • You can now link the email to the project using the Add-on.

Note: Currently this feature change will be applicable for the Vtiger add-on used in the Web version of Outlook. Customers using the Desktop version of Outlook with the Vtiger Outlook add-on will not get this feature.

Partner Portal

  • You can now customize the Partner portal using a CSS file.

Phone Calls

  • The country code is now available as a drop-down for the  Phone fields in Webforms.
  • By default, the country code displayed will depend on the visitor’s country.

Process Designer - Phase 5

  • An Add Record button is added to the Manual Process in the record section. A maximum of 150 records can be selected and added to the process.
  • A new column - Last Action Title is added to the Summary view of the Running Process block to track the last performed action.  
  • You can now select multiple records in the List View and submit them to the Process Option.
  • You can now see the action title in the record updates section.
  • There are two Options - Immediate and Listener. 
    • Under Listener, when you set the condition and the time limit, and when the record is triggered, it will check if the condition is met within that time limit. The process stops if the condition is met within that time limit.
    • When you have multiple elements, it will check for other conditions parallelly within the time limit set for each condition.


  • You can now also see the quantity for sub-products in the Invoice and Quotes reports.

Sales Pipeline

  • You can now view the deals in Restricted stages in the Kanban View.           

Telephony Integration

  • You now have the option to configure the caller Id on the Phone configuration page.
  • You can also send requests in JSON in the generic API configuration for Incoming and Outgoing calls.
  • You can see Recent call Transferred Users instead of just Recent Calls. This shows the list of users to whom calls were transferred.


  • When your Inbox is configured, and you have unread emails in Inbox, and messages under Actions, a dot in blue color appears above the Inbox and Actions icon.
  • These are called Visual Indicators. Once you open the unread mail or the message from the Actions tab, it will disappear.

Release 2 (


Chart Report

  • You can now see multicolor in the Chart Report when two data fields are taken.


  • Edit and Duplicate options are now added to the Recent list section.

Phone Calls

  • Ozonetel gateway is now available in the extension store.  

WhatsApp Integration

  • WhatsApp Support is now added to the Service Module.
  • WhatsApp is also added to the Workflow Actions.

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