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March 2022

Get details about the Features and Enhancements released in March 2022!
Shreya Kulkarni
8 Apr, 2022 - Updated 1 year ago
Table of Contents

Release 1



  • Hunter.io widget has been added to One View. It displays the number of emails available for an organization and lists the count department-wise.

Stock Reservation

  • A new feature, the Stock Reservation, allows you to reserve ordered CRM products Qty. in Stock from being sold or purchased.


Appointment Pages

  • The Meet With label is auto assigned to the Meet Me label in Appointment Pages.


  • Line item fields:
    • Are mapped while importing.
    • If reselected duplicate handling pop up is displayed.
    • Remain unimported if Item name or Quantity or List price fields are empty.

Email Campaigns

  • Google Analytics Tracking is enabled by default while creating Email campaigns.

Email Recipient Preferences

  • Email Recipient Preferences option helps the system remember your previous preferences for mass emails. It is available for the following modules:
    • Contacts
    • Leads
    • Organizations
    • Deals
    • Projects
    • Employees
    • Vendors

Events and Tasks

  • The Organization Name field is separated from the Related To field while linking an event or task.

Forecast and Quota in the List View

  • For records with multiple deals, clicking on an individual deal opens the respective Deal window. Search and sort functionalities are now available for you to find a deal or sort records.


  • In the Group Mailbox, the Mark as done option is available in the Detailed View of Open folder emails for all users. Only the owner of the email conversation can mark the email as Done.

List View 

  • You can edit RTE and text area fields in the List View.
  • The count of records deleted is displayed.

Live Chats - Twitter on Live Chat

  • You can view and respond to direct messages sent by customers via Twitter through Live Chats.

Module Fields & Layouts

  • Date type field Anniversary is available.
  • Field property tooltip is now available. If it is added for a field, the i icon is displayed and hovering your mouse over it displays the field information.
  • An option to add one Status Picklist (Metric Picklist) per module is now available. You can add dependent status values like case status fields etc. Metric Picklist is renamed as Status.

Phone Call Integration

  • Customers can add or change phone call gateways using Module Designer and Phone Configuration.
    • In the Module Designer PhoneCalls are available under +Add New Module > Connectors > Type.

Time Settings 

  • The following list of conditions for setting time (in minutes) are available:
    • More than minutes before
    • More than minutes later
    • Less than minutes before
    • Less than minutes later


  • The function substring is available with the three parameters substring(field, start, length).

Release 2



  • You can now integrate your CRM with Constant Contact. Clicking the Sync Now button syncs created, edited, and deleted contacts from Vtiger to Constant Contact and vice versa.


API Designer

  • The Record field is added in the Logs window displaying the record_id.


  • Under Settings > Extensions > Calculus, you can now add Keywords to Signals to capture complex messages or text in emails.


  • Under Settings > User Management > Groups, for One Pilot edition, customers can now add a maximum of three Groups, and edit and delete the same. 

Live Chats

  • The Twitter icon is now displayed for chats initiated from Twitter.


  • The Choose your preferences page is removed while onboarding.
  • Signing up for the first time, by default:
    • The user is directed to the Contacts module with labels displayed.
    • The Set up Vtiger 15% onboarding pop-up is displayed.
    • The labels and the onboarding pop-up once dismissed do not show up again.
    • Users can open the onboarding pop-up and resume the Vtiger set up by clicking the help icon.
    • The onboarding pop-up has been redesigned.

Print Templates

  • The Assigned To user's profile image is now displayed and available for print.

WhatsApp Integration with Gupshup

  • WhatsApp Opt-In and WhatsApp Opt-Out options are now available for sending WhatsApp messages using Gupshup. This is available in the Detailed View for the following modules:
    • Contacts
    • Leads
    • Organization
    • Vendors
  • Under Settings > WhatsApp module > the Sync Templates button is now available which syncs Gupshup-WhatsApp templates from the Gupshup platform.

Ad-hoc Emails

  • In Email Settings > Reply-to address for ad-hoc emails, three options are now available to configure From Name such as:
    • User Name - The email’s sender name will be the user name.
    • Fixed Name - The email’s sender name will be the given custom name.
    • No Name - The email will be sent only with the email id.
  • If No Name is selected, while composing an email only the email id is displayed and the same appears for the recipient.
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