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November 2022

Lavanya R
9 Dec, 2022 - Updated 9 months ago
Table of Contents

Release 1 (


Construction Add-on

This is a Vtiger CRM app designed for construction companies. This app helps in recording all construction-related specifications. Once you download the app, a deal is created under the company name to record specifications related to that particular company. This helps to pull out company-wise records.

  • A deal is created based on the company’s requirements. The data is then captured from the company and added to two modules in the deal - Site Survey and Labour. 
  • The following are the fields that are added to the Deal record:
    • New fields Construction Type, Total Area, Total Duration
    • New fields Construction Type, Total Area, Total Duration
    • By default 2 sections will be added Area Section, Duration Section
    • New Fields in Line Item rows Base Quantity, Wastage
    • The base Quantity of the Area Section will be auto-filled with the Total Area
    • The base Quantity of Duration section will be auto-filled with the Total Duration 
    • Line Item Quantity will be calculated with Base Quantity + Wastage % of Base Quantity
  • The Construction Add-on is available for Deals, Quotes, Invoices, Site Surveys, and Labour modules.

Vtiger Integration with JioMeet

  • You can now integrate Vtiger CRM with JioMeet. You can use JioMeet to schedule meetings with your contacts by creating an event.
  • You can use this feature in the Contacts, Events, Deals, and Inventory modules.



  • In the Coaching module, you now have the option to add words to the dictionary with a single click.


  • Dashboard widgets should Show Groups in the filters.
  • When a group is selected, group members' data should be pulled and displayed on the widget.
  • For admin users, when they select a Group under widget filters, it will fetch data of all those group members and display them on the widgets.
  • But for non-admin users, when they select a group in the widgets filter, we will consider data of only reporting users present as group members in that Group. We are following Reports to the hierarchy. This behavior is same as Sales Insights.


  • Email addresses of contacts who add their comments in a document viewer, are added to the BCC of the email.


  • The following features are now enabled in the Development and Learning edition:
    • Social
    • Gmail Add-on
    • Workflow Action limits
    • Custom field limits
    • Payment integrations
    • Google Leads Forms
    • FB Lead forms
    • Image storage
    • Marketing Lists
    • Segmentation
    • Document Library
    • Landing Pages

Email Campaigns

  • You can now disable the download option for non-admin users in campaign metrics.

Picklist Field

  • Additional countries along with their codes are now available in the Global Picklist.

Process Designer

  • You can set up a process to send an email to customers at a specific time in email-supported modules.
  • Email action is triggered at the time and date you specify.


  • You can now generate reports with the following filters - active and inactive users. 
  • You can display only active users while hiding inactive user data.
  • These are added to the following reports:
    • Last Login Report
    • User Activity Summary Report
    • Overall Activity Report
    • Activity Trends Report

SMS Notifier

  • You can now set your From field with an alphanumeric value to avoid phone numbers being replaced with other countries or regions.
Note:  Make sure your SMS provider supports the alphanumeric format. Example for an alphanumeric value (TM-COMPANY or VM-IT123).

Support Insight

  • Support Managers can view cases assigned by group, and their ages, to view if particular groups are lagging behind.
  • In order to view and monitor the status of such cases, a pendency report is now added to the Help Desk Insight.
  • A new tab called Group Metrics is also added which will have the following counts:
    • Yesterday Total - Total cases that are pending till the end of yesterday
    • Created Today - Total cases that are created today
    • Closed Today - Total cases that are closed today (cases that are Resolved or Closed)
    • Today Total - Cases that are pending as of now (Yesterday Total + Created Today - Closed Today)
    • 0 to 7 Days - Cases that are pending within 0-7 days
    • 8 to 15 Days - Cases that are pending within 8 to 15 days
    • 16 to 30 Days - Cases that are pending within 16 to 30 days
    • 31 to 90 Days - Cases that are pending within 31 to 90 days
    • More than 90 Days - Cases that are pending for more than 90 days
    • Oldest Pending Case Date - Created date of the oldest pending case (Should show in user date format)
    • Oldest Pending Case Age - Number of days elapsed from Created date to till now of the oldest pending case

Web Services(API)

  • In MYSQL, a NOT LIKE condition is added in the API query that helps you select records that meet the Not LIKE condition.

WhatsApp Integration

  • You will now be able to send messages with Gupshup Enterprise only if you send an Opt-in request. 
  • It has to be set to single opt-in first before sending a message. You can send an opt-in request with a phone number.


  • You can now send private comments in the workflow email action. 
  • The following tags will help you send both private and public comments:
    • Last Comments (private/public)
    • Last 5 Comments (private/public)
    • All Comments (private/public)

Release 2 (


Booster Pack Add-Ons

  • Booster packs are feature limits that are available as paid add-ons. You can now install Booster packs from the Extension Store. Once installed, they are available on the Billing page to be paid for and used.
  • Booster packs are available for the following modules:
    • Custom Module
    • Custom Fields 
    • API Calls
    • Schedule Workflows (Daily/Hourly)
    • Workflows
    • Inbox - Group Mailbox 
    • Process Designer (Processes, Flows per process, Actions per flow) 
    • Standard Reports
    • Scheduled Reports



  • You can now add groups to the Approvals feature. All and any user in a group can approve or reject a request.

Billing - Cancelling Subscriptions

  • A Cancel Subscription button is now added in the Email Campaign billing page.
  • This will help you discontinue the current plan and switch to a different one.


  • You can now see the event name in the Calendar when you hover over it. You can also click on the links within the header fields.


  • You can now find add-ons using the Search in the Main menu. This feature will help you save time.

Phone Calls

  • You now have the option of minimizing the incoming call window. You can continue working on other tasks while answering the calls. ​​​​

  • The following changes have been made in the Exotel and Plivo Phonecall popups:
    • You can continue to work on the CRM after minimizing the call window while making incoming and outgoing calls.
    • You can now transfer the calls using the transfer call option.
    • You can now use the following icons while making calls:
      • Transfer call 
      • End call 
      • Expand and
      • End button
    • In the Call Transfer Search field, you can now find ‘Recent Transferred call users’ and all users to whom you can transfer new calls.

Summary View
  • Touchpoints for the last 8 months will now be visible in the Activity section of the Summary View. You will also be able to use the Zoom in or out option to view records clearly.


  • Tally outstanding balance is now available in organization records. 
  • Tally Ledger entries - Invoices, Receipt(Payment), Bill, Credit Notes, Debit Notes, and Journals are now available in organization records.


  • The CRM won’t be sending continuous emails regarding failed workflows. You will now receive a consolidated email listing failed webhooks and workflows.

  • The Send Email Task in Workflows now includes a signature based on the From Email.
  • The following conditions are now added based on the From address:
    • When the From address is Last Modified or Created By, then the signature of the Last modified or created by is included. This helps you to identify the last modified user.
    • When the From address is ‘Help Desk Support email ID, then no signature will be added. When you send an email with the Help Desk Support email ID, the signature will not appear.
    • When the From address is a fixed email ID, the active user’s ID matching the fixed email will be used. When you send an email using a fixed email ID, the same user’s signature in used the email.
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