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February 2022

Release Notes of Feb 2022.
Bindu Rekha Babu
24 Aug, 2022 - Updated 1 year ago
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Process Designer

  • Add a condition block to the process design flow. You can now add the following two rows automatically: 
    • Rows to the right - actions to run when the condition is satisfied
    • Rows flowing down - actions to run when the condition is not satisfied


  • Accounts: Accounts with the Bank type field are fetched and displayed in the Payment Account picklist.
  • Alert message on currency conversion rate changes: The system displays a warning message when conversion rates change. This will help you retain either the older rates or recalculate based on the new rates.
  • Appointment pages: Appointment pages in the List View are now listed and displayed in the order of the scheduled dates.
  • Calendar: Events that span multiple days are now displayed at the top of the Calendar (for a non-month view like your weekly calendar view).
  • Documents:
    • A pop-up appears after you insert a document-related link in an email, allowing you to change the link text. You can also preview the attached document. 
    • The Recipient's email is listed in the shared document’s attachment. The comment permalink redirects to the Comment section in the Activities tab.
  • Emails: 
    • You can now add a clickable action to your phone number in the signature block of your email. 
    • The Coaching module List View displays email subject lines, which helps you identify emails easily. 
  • Email Campaigns: Bar Chart reports in Email Campaigns display the % of open and % clicks in a mouse-over action.
  • Email Notifications: The number of email notifications when customers receive emails from the CRM have been reduced to once a day. 
  • Formula in the Grid field: 
    • Grid Field properties display an empty table with the selected rows and columns.
    • Allows the user to click on a cell in the table and specify the field type - Integer, Text, Date, and Expression.
  • Grid View: Grid View now supports custom sorting. It allows users to move records in the list to the desired position. On reload, the sorted records show up in the exact position.
  • Gantt View Changes: 
    • Filter and Add Buttons are moved to the Modal Header.
    • Gantt Chart container has a border. 
  • Inventory Module: 
    • Stock Adjustment on Products - You will now be able to adjust product stock to match the physical stock with a proper reason in the CRM.
    • Delivery Note and Receipt Note - You can now create a Delivery note(DN) and Receipt Note(RN) to deliver or receive fresh quantity against the accepted but returned quantity.
  • Import: 
    • Displays the fields selected in the duplicate handling section.
    • You can now import records directly from the module you are in using the Import button. For example, you can import contacts directly from the Contacts module.
  • Image Support: The custom image field now supports multiple images. 
  • Inbox: Link Deals related to Contacts and Organizations from the Inbox
    • You can now link deals (opportunities) related to a contact or organization directly from the Inbox email. Pop-up displays all the deals linked to the contact mentioned in the email. 
    • If you try to link a contact already linked to a deal, the system will display the related deal and the Show all results link(to link another deal record).
    • If the linked contact or organization does  not have a related deal, the screen displays the Show all results link, using which you can link other records.
  • Inbox: Link Cases related to Contacts and Organizations from the Inbox
    • Displays cases related to a contact or organization.
    • If no related cases exist, the screen displays the All results link, using which you can link cases to the contact or organization.
  • KB Portal and Articles feature:
    • You can now publish an article under multiple categories and subcategories by selecting them in the Detailed View.
  • Label editor: The Search function displays all three columns in the Label editor and shows the results in US English for both default and custom labels. 
  • List View: 
    • Limited Actions on waiting-for approval records
      • You cannot perform a record-level edit or a mass edit (from the List View) for those records that are waiting for approval (locked state). 
      • For Mass Edit: If a record is in a Locked state, then an alert message is displayed, and if the record is in Waiting For Approval state, the edit option is not displayed in the List View actions.
    • List View UI Changes
      • List icon has been replaced with the Filter icon in the dropdown.
      • List Table displays a checkbox to select a record and a star icon to follow a record by default.
      • Mass action icons are now on the left with record selection in the center.
      • The Add Deal button is displayed on the left.
  • New Action - Add Record Next Action: The Add record action in Task enables you to add an entry to a record from Record Summary View > Next Actions block.
  • Partner Portal: 
    • The List View Filter option is now available for all records (created and shared). Selecting a filter displays records created by partners and shared with others.
    • The Export option helps you export records based on the filter conditions you select.
  • Preview and Edit icons under the More option (three dots): Displays the Preview and Edit icons under the More option (three dots) for a related widget action for a record. 
  • Print Templates List View: Displays active Print Templates at the top of the list and disabled records at the bottom.
  • Project Tasks Gantt view: You can now display and view project tasks (Project Modules) in the Gantt view.
  • Purchase Order module:
    • The Copy from Company Address option has been added to the Purchase Order module. 
    • Selecting this option will mean the address details from the company details page in Settings will be copied to the address details block of a purchase order record.
  • Sales Insights: When you generate a report, you will be able to display the Service Name in the table format.
  • Update Plivo Library: Updated Plivo PHP library to 4.10.
  • User Profile: Clicking the company logo displays the default landing page.
  • WhatsApp action: The Action tab displays the WhatsApp option as a new action. You can now send WhatsApp messages from the New Actions window. 
  • WhatsApp Opt-in and Opt-out fields:
    • Whatsapp Opt-in field is now available in the Contacts, Organization, Leads, and Vendors modules. 
    • If this field is set as User opted out, you will not be able to send WhatsApp messages. 
  • Workflows List View: Displays active workflows at the top of the list and disabled records at the bottom.
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