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April 2022

Lavanya R
24 Aug, 2022 - Updated 1 year ago
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CRM White Labeling

  • Vtiger now has the option to enable or disable CRM White Labeling from the configuration editor. This allows you to hide some icons, names and logos in the CRM.


  • Now, two new reports - Shrinking Deals and Expanding Deals have been added to Sales Insights.
  • You can display these reports based on filters such as monthly, yearly, quarterly, and by the user and display data in the form of a bar chart.
  • You can use the Shrinking and Expanding Deals widget in Sales insights with different filters like the user, pipeline, date field, sales stage, and date range.
  • You can verify the data shown in widgets by creating a few sample records and changing the amount value of the deal record.

Dialed Numbers

  • The option ‘Local’" (empty country code) should be added in the country code dropdown in phone fields all over the CRM.


  • You now have the option to upload Vtiger documents from Gmail, Dropbox, and One drive while sending emails to the customer

Email Templates

  • Vtiger now has the option to assign an owner/ group for the Email templates.


  • An invitation received by an invitee on their Gmail is saved to the Google Calendar of the invitee.

One Pilot

  • One Pilot is now listed in the Google Apps marketplace
  • The following features are now available in the One Pilot Edition.
    • Social Inbox
    • Google Lead Ads - 1 form
    • FB Lead Forms - 1 form
    • Add Lead
    • Add Contact
    • Add Case
    • Scheduled Posts
  • Facebook Lead Form Extension - Facebook Lead Forms are now available as per the edition you have subscribed to.

Plivo SMS Gateway

  • You can now integrate Plivo as a SMS service provider and send SMS messages through your Plivo connection from the CRM.

Process Designer - Phase 3

  • The Process Designer Summary View now includes a Records section that displays a list of records run under a particular process.
  • The Process Designer now supports all actions that are required in workflows.
    • The option is available under Add actions.
    • All available tags will appear under the Select Tags section, and the selected tags (separated by commas) are displayed.
    • The Process Designer now supports Triggers for record creation and updation. 
    • You can choose the new Trigger under Process> Trigger Properties.
  • Allow Conditions on Previous Actions: Vtiger has now added a condition block using which you can add conditions to previous actions in the process flow.
  • The Running Process tab is now available in the Summary view of a Process Designer record. It displays the count of running processes for the record.

Phone Call Module in Workflows

  • You can now create a workflow in the Phone Calls module for WhatsApp numbers. 

Phone Field

  • You can now set the country code for a phone number by default by adding it under User Preferences.


  • You can now select Tasks and Events from the Primary Module and Related Modules fields while generating reports. Tasks and Events have replaced the Calendar option.


  • You can now store extension-specific information in Rest APIs.

Summary view

  • You can now view the count of the next actions besides the Next Actions tab. 
  • You can now see the Field name and value when you hover on the Progress bar icons in the Summary of any module.


  • Vtiger now supports sync connectors from the Module Designer. You can sync the data to and from third-party apps once the sync is enabled. 


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