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May 2022

Lavanya R
24 Aug, 2022 - Updated 1 year ago
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Release 1 (


Vtiger CRM Integration with OpenWeather

  • You can now integrate Vtiger CRM with openweathermap.org and display the weather details of a contact in the Detail View.
  • This integration is available only in the Contacts and Leads modules.


Appointment Pages

  • The Appointment Pages List View should have the option to mark the record as default.
  • This is available only for the Meet me pages.

Calculus AI

  • You can now see an improved sentiment service in Calculus AI. Relevant sentiments in the form of emojis can be used for text (positive/neutral/negative).


  • You will now use filters, Live Chats to categorize and display Chats as Open conversations, My conversations, New conversations, and All conversations.


  • Your customers will now be able to make an appointment by booking a slot through Appointment Pages if the email ID is available in the CRM. Verified contacts will be able to book appointments. 
  • Visitors will be allowed to book a slot through Appointment Pages if they confirm the appointment email.


  • The two-factor authentication functionality is now provided for all the editions in the Vtiger CRM.

Email Campaigns
  • The first name is now added to the email recipients of subscribers list.
  • You can now see the View Report button for Autoresponders: 
    • If a campaign is in the draft stage (after a campaign has been started at least once).
    • If a single email is sent out as a part of a campaign.
  • You can also view the Report button for regular and scheduled campaigns even though the campaign is in the not completed status.

Forecast and Quota 

  • Based on User settings, you can now enable or disable the notifications toggle button, to Notify team via Email. You can use this button to notify your team members via email.

Global/Advanced Search

  • The Sorting and Dragging Column length is now enabled for Global and Advanced Search in all the modules.


  • You can now see the inventory updates with invoices, DN, RN, and extensions.


  • URL is not preserved after you login in.

    Partner Portal

    • The ‘Remove Portal Lock’ is now visible under the More option. ​​​​​​

    Phone Call API

    • You can now see Header values in the Phone Call API for outgoing calls.

      Process Designer

      • You will now be able to configure Approvals for records from the Process Designer.
      • You now have the option to export or import a process flow or workflow from and to the Vtiger Process Designer.
      • Non-admin users can now access the Process Designer.
      • You can now choose the days of the week during which you can send auto emails from the Process Designer.
      • The 7 Step Prospecting Sequence name is now changed to ‘Sample 7 Step Prospecting Sequence’. The status is now changed to Draft.
      • The Running Process tab now shows up only if a  module has processes in it. In case the processes are absent, the message,  ‘No Running Process’ will be displayed.
      • You can now see a condition ‘has changed to’ while creating a record.               
      • Allowing users to select and add a dynamic appointment page link to Process Designer emails and workflow emails, will enable users to select a merge tag to automate the process of sending out their own unique Appointment Page links.
      • Link to Appointment Pages: 
        • You can select and add dynamic Appointment Page links to Process Designer emails and workflow emails This will enable you to select merge tags and automate the process of sending out your own unique Appointment Page links.
        • You can now use a checkbox on the Add Meet Me page.


      • You can now restore all the deleted reports that are stored in the Recycle Bin for 30 days.

      Sales Insights

      • Admin users can now show all sales activity for Users and Groups. 
      • Admin users can now show filters for all users.

      Sales Return

      • You now have the option to create a Sales Return when the status of the delivery is Invoiced.


      • You now have limited attempts on OTP validation requests. OTPs will be valid for 10 mins with only 3 failure attempts.


      • A Get Request action has been added to Webhook action for workflows in Approvals and Process Designer.

      Work Orders

      • Assignment Rules are now enabled for the Work Orders module.  
      • You will now be able to assign work orders to users automatically.

      Release 2 ( 


      Contacts - IndiaMart ver2 APIs

      • IndiaMart has released the version 2 of APIs. These APIs are now available in the Version drop-down field on the Setup page for you to use.


      • You can now view similar deal records by default in the Deals Module One View. They will appear in the Similar Records section from the collapsible bar on the right.


      • You now have the option to add custom fields that can be merged and printed with naturalForms.
      • You can add the fields on the Settings page. On enabling them, you will be able to map the fields to naturalForms using the merge templates action.

        WhatsApp Integration

        • You can now use WhatsApp on Vtiger CRM  with WATI support by integrating WATI WhatsApp API's. WATI stands for WhatsApp Team Inbox.
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