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October 2022

Lavanya R
11 Dec, 2023 - Updated 7 months ago
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Release (


Rujul ERP Integration

  • If you are a Rujul ERP user, you can now sync data from iRujul ERP to Vtiger CRM. You can now sync data for the following:
    • Contacts
    • Tax
    • Products
    • Invoices and
    • Sales Order



  • Video, Phone, and Calendar icons are now added on the left hand of Today’s Events. 
  • The label name has now been changed from ‘Alerts’ to ‘Alert Rules’.

API Designer

  • You can now enable APIs to create multiple records with a single REST API. This helps in creating multiple module records at the same time.

Calculus AI

  • A Related To parent field is now added in the Email section of the Coaching module. You will now be able to see the related case for an email at the top.

Conversation Insights

  • With the scroll bar added for Conversation Insights, you can now view the content on the entire page.

​​​Edition Limits

  • Process Designer is now enabled for One Pilot and Professional.
  • Reactions
    • Reactions are now enabled for the following lower editions:
      • Exclusive
      • Contact
      • Sales
      • Support
      • Sales Premium
      • Support Premium
      • Support Free

Forecast and Quota

  • A Save and Apply filter setting is now available at the User level for frequently used filters in the Forecast and Quota page. Saving filter settings will reduce the number of clicks and save you time.

Formula Support

  • Formula support is now enabled in the Grid field. This is enabled to do arithmetic operations in the grid field. 
  • Grid cells now support arithmetic expressions - (ADD, SUB, MUL, AVG, DIV, PER) and pre-defined functions called SUM, MUL, and AVG.


  • The 2-way sync between Inbox and Microsoft Office 365 will now undergo modern authentication - OAuth process.
  • With the OAuth process, the passwords are not saved. Instead, the account will be authenticated using access tokens with which you can retrieve the mail information.


  • We now have added compound charges functionality in the Vtiger Inventory. Compound charges work the same way as compound taxes.

Live Chats

  • User icons are now added next to the live chat messages. 
  • If the user has added a profile image, then the icon with the image will be displayed. If the image is not uploaded, then the first two letters of the user will be displayed.

ListView Search

  • You will now be able to search for the following in List View Search:

    • Users
    • Groups
    • Suspended Users
    • Deleted Users


  • Reports exported from the  Emails module would display HTML codes in the Description field (For example, reports exported to MS Excel or CSV formats). This happens when there is a lot of data with a rich text field. 
  • This issue has been resolved.

​​​​Summary View

  • A new button - Add Followers is now added in the Summary view of a record. 
  • To view the button, display the Summary View of a record > Click the three dots > Click the Follow icon.
  • You will now be able to add followers to a particular record or task using this Add Followers button.


  • The following conditions are now added to the Social Search Stream:
    • Contain
    • Does not contain
  • The conditions are displayed when you hover or click the dropdown next to the search stream title. 
  • When the users hover over the stream title, the stream name, type, and conditions are displayed.


  • Taxes on charges are now synced to Vtiger and vice-versa.
  • You can now sync multiple discount ledgers and multiple shipping charges.


  • You now have the option to create an inventory record using workflows. This is enabled for the following 4 modules only:

    • Quotes
    • Invoice 
    • Sales Order
    • Purchase Order
  • Ex: Invoice will be allowed only if the parent module is any of Quotes, Sales Order, and Purchase Order.

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