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What is the difference between available and allowed credits?

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Available credits are the total number of emails you can send from your Vtiger account. Allowed credits are the maximum number of emails you can send at the present moment. The number of credits allowed increases when your Nice Score increases.

For example, if you have 9680 Available credits and 1000 Allowed credits, you are allowed to send only 1000 emails per email campaign. Your Nice Score is recomputed within a couple of hours after a campaign is sent. When the Nice Score increases, the Allowed credits increase to 2500. For this to happen, the AutoResponder Campaigns cron job must run.

  • What is an autoresponder email campaign
Autoresponder email campaigns are sent automatically when triggered and scheduled. You must set up trigger conditions and the date and time at which the autoresponder must be sent. 
  • What is a cron job
A cron job is executed at the back end at frequent intervals to perform different tasks in the CRM. Each cron job runs at a predefined interval. Go to Settings > Automation > Scheduler > AutoResponder Campaigns to view the timing of the cron job.

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