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How do I connect Twilio with WhatsApp?

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To begin with, you must have a Twilio as well as a  WhatsApp account. And then, you need to connect the two. Connecting Twilio with WhatsApp is a two-step process:

  1. Connect Twilio with WhatsApp
  2. Configure WhatsApp on Twilio

To enable the integration in Vtiger, you require a few bits of information from Twilio that you will paste in Vtiger CRM during the integration process. Copy the following information from the Twilio page to a notepad: 

  1. Account SID
  2. Token
  3. WhatsApp From Number

Step 1: Connecting Twilio with WhatsApp
Follow these steps to connect Twilio with WhatsApp:

  1. If you do not have a Twilio account, get one from here.
    1. Activate your WhatsApp account.
  2. All customers who wish to create their profiles require approval from WhatsApp.
    1. Submit your Twilio number(s) to WhatsApp for approval. 
    2. Twilio numbers that you submit need approval from WhatsApp, and the approval process may take a little time. Learn about the details here.

Step 2: Configuring WhatsApp on Twilio

After you have bought and set up your Twilio account, you need to configure WhatsApp on the Twilio Console. To send and receive messages WhatsApp messages from the registered Twilio number, you also need Vtiger instance URL in Twilio. Let us see how.

Follow these steps to configure WhatsApp from your Twilio console:

  1. Go to the Twilio homepage.
  2. Click Programmable SMS.
  3. Click WhatsApp.
  4. Click on the Senders option. The WhatsApp: 1234XYZ Configuration window opens.
  5. Add the Vtiger instance URL in Twilio. This helps you to send and receive messages from Vtiger CRM.
  6. Select or enter the following information:
    1. CONFIGURE WITH: Select Webhooks.
    2. WHEN A MESSAGE COMES IN: Enter the URL.
    3. STATUS CALLBACK URL: Enter the URL.
    4. FALLBACK URL: Enter the URL.
  7. Click Save.​​​​​​
  • Look up the link in the WhatsApp setting page and copy this into Twilio.
  • If this link is not copied from settings and added, you will not receive messages from your contacts.
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