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Can I use the CRM to send WhatsApp messages?
Can I use WhatsApp from all the modules in the CRM?
Can I send a WhatsApp message to my contact from the CRM?
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How can I send a WhatsApp message from the CRM?
Can I send a standard or a common message through WhatsApp?
How can I create standard message templates for WhatsApp?
Can I send a document along with my WhatsApp message?
My WhatsApp messages look plain. How do I change the format of my WhatsApp messages?
Where can I see all the WhatsApp messages I have sent or received in the CRM?
How do I know if the WhatsApp message I have sent has been received?
Are there any conditions I need to know about WhatsApp messages?
Can I create WhatsApp messages for approval notifications?
How can I attach a document with my WhatsApp message?

What kind of WhatsApp messages can I send from the CRM?

Currently, you can send the following types of messages from the CRM :
  • Send individual text messages by typing them.
  • Use standard message templates to communicate with your customers. In some cases, you can create standard message templates. You can use these templates for different customers and avoid typing individual messages.
  • Reply to those messages sent by your customers (in the last 24 hours).
Some examples of WhatsApp messages are:
  • Do you have a new product line you want to talk about? Send a teaser using a WhatsApp message to your customers.
  • Want to send a quotation to a customer? Send him a notification and attach the quote as a PDF along with a message.
  • Is it that time of the year again? Send Season's Greeting and New Year Wishes to all your customers.
Note: Standard message templates need to be approved by WhatsApp. 
To know more about standard message templates, click here.
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