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Can I use the CRM to send WhatsApp messages?
Can I use WhatsApp from all the modules in the CRM?
Can I send a WhatsApp message to my contact from the CRM?
Can I simply install and start using WhatsApp?
I have a Twilio number. Can I connect my WhatsApp to the CRM?
Can I use my Facebook account to integrate my WhatsApp with Twilio?
How do I connect Twilio with WhatsApp?
How do I install WhatsApp in the CRM?
How do I configure WhatsApp in Vtiger CRM?
How can I send a WhatsApp message from the CRM?
What kind of WhatsApp messages can I send from the CRM?
Can I send a standard or a common message through WhatsApp?
How can I create standard message templates for WhatsApp?
Can I send a document along with my WhatsApp message?
Where can I see all the WhatsApp messages I have sent or received in the CRM?
How do I know if the WhatsApp message I have sent has been received?
Are there any conditions I need to know about WhatsApp messages?
Can I create WhatsApp messages for approval notifications?
How can I attach a document with my WhatsApp message?

My WhatsApp messages look plain. How do I change the format of my WhatsApp messages?

Apart from sending plain text messages, you can also format the content in your WhatsApp messages to stand out.

Below are the text formatting options available in WhatsApp:

  1. For Bold: Use Asterisk (*). For example, your total is *$10.50* > $10.50
  2. For Italics: Use Underscore (_). For example, Welcome to _WhatsApp_! > Welcome to WhatsApp!
  3. For Strike-through: Use Tilde (~). For example, This is ~better~ the best! > This is better the best!
  4. For Code or Pre-formatted text: Use three backticks (```). For example, ```Hello World!``` > 
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